Hosting a Hybrid Interintellect Salon

Join the experiment! In New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin – and London – you can now host hybrid (online + offline) salons!

This is a whole new thing we’re trying, and can’t wait to build out the final version of this new trademark “genre” based on your experiences and feedback.

Below are some notes and tips on how to get started (spoiler: you’ll need a big TV/computer screen for Zoom + a comfy couch or two!):

After a year and a half of quarantining in our homes, we all find ourselves eager to step out of our virtual Zoom boxes from time to time, and back into the physical world. Whether we hope to meet old friends from virtual salons or make new ones, the gradual reopening of cities around the world enables us to consider new possibilities for our personal pockets of Interintellect.

If local COVID restrictions in your area permit you to safely host in-person gatherings, we invite you to begin planning your own hybrid salons!

Please note: the rules about Hybrid salons include the same as the rules about offline salons detailed at the link below. Please make sure you have read this page.

In this first experimental stage, we’re rolling out hybrid salons in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, as well as London. If you’re based in these cities or are visiting and have access to the right space, you should consider participating in our trial.

We encourage you to use the location channels in the ii Discord to coordinate with fellow Interintellects in your area, plus we have created a new #hybrid_salons channel for your convenience!

Following their successful hybrid salon – the first such event ever, in August 2021 – Alaka Halder wrote a Twitter thread detailing their preparation process and hosting principles. She also sat down with fellow ii host Ben Fleming to share hybrid salon hosting tips.

Click on the image below to watch the video!

Alaka’s hybrid salon hosting tips:

  • Establish an agenda, house rules, and prompts to structure the discussion for optimal engagement and balance.
  • Ask all participants to raise their hands to speak, including the in-person attendees. 
  • Arrange seating, sound and screens to encourage conversation between on-site and remote participants. Be sure to test the audio and video beforehand, line everyone up so they could be seen on the screen, and provide multiple microphones for in-person attendees. 
  • Provide drinks and snacks for in-person participants.
  • Consider co-hosting the salon with another fellow Interintellect, with one remote host and one in-person.
  • Check in with online participants via private Zoom messages to make sure everyone is engaged throughout. 
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and embrace the limitations!