Hosting a SuperSalon

SuperSalons are events where a host welcomes a special guest who’s usually a well known public practitioner of a field in science, the arts, literature or more! We’ve had authors, philosophers, professors, and more come to speak on various topics.

SuperSalon formats can vary — sometimes they start with a short panel discussion between host and guest where they subsequently open the discussion to the whole room, or they start with a short presentation by the guest. Whatever the format, it’s included in the listing, so be sure to specify! Unlike other online Interintellect events, SuperSalons are usually recorded.

These discussions are usually recorded and made available on the Interintellect YouTube (unless host or guest has requested otherwise). 

Check out examples below to learn more:

Payment information and such also down below.

You may want to host a SuperSalon if:

  • There’s a special guest you’re a fan of whom you’re dying to talk to in an intimate firsthand way
  • If you have a shared interest or professional common ground with someone with a recent book, podcast, or film coming out
  • You like interview style salons with interesting guests

How to List a SuperSalon

  • Get in touch with the SuperSalon guest via email, or email Host Care lead Crystal Duan and ask Interintellect to reach out to the guest!
  • After agreeing on a topic and date, fill out the Salon listing form like usual (You can also look at our SuperSalon templates here). After you submit, the Interintellect editorial team will review your event prior to publishing. If we have any questions or suggestions on how to help improve your listing, you’ll receive an email from us.
  • Make sure to spread the word about your special guest on Twitter, our Community Forum, and more!
  • If the guest has a book that will be discussed, be sure to ask if they can get an exclusive copy sent to attendees beforehand

About SuperSalon Ticket Prices

A host should agree with the guest about the payment arrangement beforehand and notify the Interintellect team through If the Interintellect team is not notified of a different arrangement, our system will default distribute payment to the host/s and guest/s as equal cuts of revenue (similar to co-hosted salon events).

Our platform sees both hosts and guests as event leaders, who receive an equal share of the ticket proceeds. If the host agrees to let the guest take all the proceeds, please communicate the payment arrangement to the guest in advance. it is your responsibility to communicate this to the guest.

(Also please contact us if you have agreed on a different arrangement; sometimes guests ask for the money to be donated to an organization of their choosing). (You can read more about payouts here.)

We will reach out with information about the payment arrangement after notification!