Ticketing and Payment FAQ

Interintellect has transformed from team-hosted and free community events into a creator platform that fully supports the Interintellect host, helping them build their public presence and make an income as thinkers and makers worldwide. 

General Ticket FAQ

Q: Who can attend an Interintellect salon? What is the cost?

A: Most Interintellect events are open to the general public with ticket prices ranging from $5 to $40. We also have special free events for Interintellect members as a benefit of membership. See our Event Types page for more information. 

Q: How many tickets are available to an Interintellect salon? 

A: Our standard upper limit is 40. However, if you are an Interintellect host and want to decrease or increase the limit, we can work with you. If you wish to change this limit, please reach out to hello@interintellect.com with this request. (Exception: for most IRL salons, our current COVID protocol is to cap the number of tickets at 15). 

Q: What are the different Interintellect salon event and ticket types? 

A: To empower Interintellect hosts and their creativity, we provide multiple ticket and income options for our Interintellect salons (see more on our Event Types): 

Standard (Public) Salons

  • Public Tickets 
    • Full-price tickets available for purchase by anyone in the general public (members, provided there are still tickets available).
    • Note for Hosts: After full-priced non-member tickets, Interintellect charges a 30% platform fee (subject to change). The remainder goes to the Host.
  • Member Tickets 
    • Full-price tickets available to Interintellect members at a 30% discount (members only, provided there are still tickets available).
    • Note for Hosts: After discount, (30% off for Members) Interintellect doesn’t take any cut.
  • Optional Free Ticket Codes
    • Free tickets available to anyone: hosts, Interintellect members, and the general public (provided that there are still free spots available).

Members-Only Salons

  • Member RSVP 
    • Members-only events are free to Interintellect members. These events require attendees to have an Interintellect membership and to RSVP.
    • Note for Hosts: Members-only salons are free events given to the Interintellect community and will not result in payment to the host unless you have a special contract with Interintellect detailing otherwise. 

Salon Series

  • Series Tickets (see “Salon Series Ticket” section)

General Payment FAQ

Q. When should I expect payment after hosting my salon?

A: To be paid, you need to set yourself up for payment, fill in and send us the W9 form (US taxpayers) or W8-BEN one (non-US taxpayers), and send it to us. Hosts are paid within one week after hosting (note that public holidays may affect this timeline). In most cases, payment will be dispersed via Stripe Connect (Stripe platform fees are deducted from final reimbursement, see Stripe FAQ for more information*). Learn more in your Host Agreement.

Q: What percentage of ticket sales do I receive?

A: You receive 70% of the listed price for all paid tickets. The remaining 30% is the Interintellect platform fee (for non-members) OR a 30% discount on all standard salon ticket purchases that our Interintellect members benefit from (thus, hosts receive 70% of revenue regardless of attendee member status).You also have the option of offering free ticket code spaces for your salon (in this case, neither Interintellect nor the host receives a cut). See “General Ticket FAQ” section for more information.

Q: Why offer free codes in my Salon? 

A: When you’re a new host, offering free ticket codes can help you attract more people and build your audience. Established hosts might also offer these tickets to help attract a more diverse crowd. Experimenting with different numbers of free tickets will allow you to strike a balance between bringing more people to your salon and making more profit.

Q: How can I offer more/less free ticket codes in my Salons? 

A: There’s an option to set the number of free seats when you first list your Salon, but you can adjust this later in your Host Dashboard if you want to add/subtract free tickets. 

Q: How is revenue split between salon/event co-hosts? 

Salon/Event co-hosts typically divide their revenue equally. If you wish to do otherwise, please email hello@interintellect.com prior to hosting your event. 

Salon Series Tickets 

Interintellect hosts can also offer Series Tickets (a series of salon episodes, workshops, or other online Interintellect events), which are a discounted bundle of single episode tickets. 

Q: How do Series Tickets work?

A: Series tickets give purchasers entry to all episodes (single salon events) in a salon series. Series tickets are one of the benefits of the Interintellect membership, so a non-member who wishes to purchase a series ticket will be prompted to become an Interintellect member upon checkout. 

Q: Who can purchase a Series Ticket?

A: Series tickets are generally only available to Interintellect members, but in rare cases series tickets can be made available to the public.**

Q: Can I sell / purchase individual episodes in addition to a Series Ticket?

A: Yes! In fact, this is our default setting unless otherwise indicated. In addition to your series ticket, an Interintellect Series offers individual episode tickets which will follow the same ticket structure outlined in the “General Ticket FAQ” section above. 

Note for Hosts: If you are an Interintellect host and would prefer to sell your series as a bundle only (no individual tickets sold), please reach out to hello@interintellect.com with this request.

Q: What percentage of a Series Ticket does an Interintellect host get reimbursed?

A: Interintellect does not take a cut of series ticket sales as Interintellect will benefit from the standard membership subscription fee.* Hosts receive the full sum of series ticket sales after taxes/fees.**

Q: How are Series Tickets priced? 

A: Series tickets tend to be offered at 30% or more off, but the Interintellect host is ultimately in control of setting this price. 

  • Interintellect members benefit from 30% off salon ticket purchases (see “General Ticket FAQ” section), thus the 30% is recommended in order for this bundle to appeal to members who already receive 30% off on single salon purchases. 
  • Example: If a host lists a series of 10 salon episodes at $25 each, the price of purchasing each episode individually would be $250 for non-Interintellect members and $175 for Interintellect members. This being the case, a host might price their series ticket at $175 or less so that an Interintellct member benefits by purchasing the bundle. 

Q: When and how am I paid while hosting a series?

A: A host is paid for series episodes within one week (as with a Standard Salon Ticket) plus a proportional installment of the Series Ticket proceeds.

  • Revenue is calculated as follows:
    • 1) Revenue from Individual Salon Sales (see above)
    • 2) A proportionate slice of Series Tickets, (i.e. if there are 8 Salon episodes, then ⅛ of the Series Ticket proceeds are paid out after each episode has been hosted).
  • Ex. If your series has 10 salon episodes and you made a sum of $1,000 with your salon series ticket purchases, then after the most recent episode is completed, you’ll be paid whatever you made from Standard Salon Ticket sales plus ~$100 (1/10 of the Salon Series Ticket proceeds, minus taxes and fees).

Q: Do series tickets change in price throughout the duration of the series?

A: Yes! Series tickets reduce automatically after an episode has passed. If you wish to change this, please contact hello@interintellect.com about a different arrangement.

  • Ex. If your series ticket is $100 for 10 salon episodes, after episode 1 has passed, your ticket will be reduced to $90, after episode 2 has passed, $80 and so on.

SuperSalon Tickets

Q: What is a “SuperSalon”?

A: An online paid event with an expert or well-known special guest is identified as a “SuperSalon.” 

Q: Do SuperSalon tickets work differently? 

A: Unless otherwise noted, SuperSalon Tickets work the same as Standard Salon Tickets (see above “General Ticket FAQ” for more information. 

Q: How are payments distributed between host and guest? 

A: At Interintellect, we value the flexibility of our hosts when it comes to payment options. They can decide with the guest on the preferred payment method. Here are the available options:

a. Receive the full payment yourself.

b. Pass the proceeds to Interintellect.

c. Pass the full proceeds to the guest(s).

d. Split the proceeds equally between the host and guest(s).

If the host chooses to split or pass the proceeds to the guest, we offer an additional choice. The guest can decide whether to onboard our Stripe system for payment or opt for an Interintellect membership based on earnings. Alternatively, the guest may choose to gift subscriptions to friends within the Interintellect community.

You can read more about payouts here.

A host should agree with the guest about the payment arrangement beforehand and notify the Interintellect team through hello@interintellect.com. If the Interintellect team is not notified of a different arrangement, our system will default distribute payment to the host/s and guest/s as equal cuts of revenue (similar to co-hosted salon events).

We will reach out with information about the payment arrangement after notification! 


Interintellect tickets — including series tickets — are cancellable and refundable up to 24 hours before the event starts.

If an event is canceled on our side (by Interintellect or by Interintellect host), we refund all participants the full ticket amount.* We also offer the option of being refunded via a free ticket for a different Interintellect event if that is preferred. 

Note for Members: All Interintellect membership purchases are non-refundable. You may navigate to your account and choose to disable the auto-renew function at any time. 


Please note that we do not currently offer a service of offering hosts or other creators invoices for their payouts. It is your responsibility to track payments through your bank statements. If you require information such as our company address and VAT-ID for tax purposes, please email us at hello@interintellect.com.

*In geographies where Stripe is not supported, check Wise FAQ

**In special circumstances with an agreement in place  to make the series available to the general public, Interintellect will take a 30% platform fee for the Salon Series Ticket purchase (working similarly to Standard Salon: Public Ticket type).  If you are interested in this option, please reach out to hello@interintellect.com with this request.