Helena Ng

About me:

I’m interested in the many forms of articulation. Each person in a room can manifest a common desire that’s rooted from a beautiful cacophony of lived experiences, feelings, or subjective truths. I am provoked to seek out the common thread in what we are verbalising, portraying, composing…

The salons I host allow me to make meaning in my autobiography, to forage for wisdom, and to feel solidarity. My salons don’t usually have an anchoring topic; I prefer to provide a horizontal, inhibited space. Attendees can jump from one rabbit hole to another, visit one place to the next, drift from one thread to another… precisely what a lively conversation compels us to do. I revel in these armchair travels, particularly during times where imagination is confined by lockdowns and loneliness.

In the past, I have hosted a series of workshop salons titled Down the Rabbit Hole, which spawned from the collective need to satisfy shiny object syndrome, explore new note-taking tools, and foster camaraderie through undirected play. I also host member-only events to create spaces for friendship, note-taking and collective meaning making.

Since March 2021, I have been building a crazy wall in my home, and have since moved some of the notes into a digital space. If you would like to chat with me about any of the cards, I would be delighted to forage for more notes with you!

Before hosting on the ii, I kept a pensive & dry-humoured collection of autobiographical writing on Lunch Box.