Women of Mythology and Religion: Witches, Monsters, Wives, Whores, and Virgins (PART 1)

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For far too long, women have been vilified in mythology and religion. It is time we reclaim their stories!

Welcome to the “Witches, Monsters ,Wives, Whores, and Virgins Series (Part 1).” I am Princess O’Nika Auguste, a theologian, historian, writer and pop-culture critic.

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Religion and mythology are often about heroic masculine half-gods, savior gods, terrifying monsters, and promiscuous and angry deities, while women are typically portrayed as evil, seductresses, or damsels in distress. Many women in stories and myths are stereotypically portrayed not because they cannot be heroes or good but because of misogynistic societies. Their stories must be reclaimed.

Anyone interested in feminism, mythology, religion, and the portrayal of women will enjoy this series.
It is time to tell their side of the story!

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1Jan. 29, 2023Female Spirits of the Caribbean

The Caribbean is typically known for its beautiful beaches and exquisite landscape, but I know it for its mysterious and exciting mythology.

Meet the female spirits of the Caribbean:

Ladjablès / La Diablesse: The Devil’s Woman. Did you know the devil had a woman? No? Well, meet the La Diablesse.

Fairy Maidens: The mermen of Tobago do not mate with their kind, they mate with beautiful nymphs of rivers and lakes called “fairy maidens.”

The Soucouyant: A hybrid between a vampire and a witch. Watch out for the strange elderly lady next door!

Mama Glo: a half serpent / half woman guardian of the forest and rivers (just like the Naga and Melusine)

Aycayia: a mermaid of the Taino, the 1st people of the Caribbean, who is this mysterious mermaid.
2Feb 26thWomen in Jewish and Christian Folklore and Religion

Jewish folklore and Christianity aren’t immune from the perpetual stereotypes of patriarchy (often they embrace it).

Meet the Women of Jewish folklore and Christianity: Lilith — the first wife of Adam, The Virgin Mary, and Eve — the mother of all living among others. Even God had a wife.
3Mar 26thGreek Mythology

Ah, we just love Greek mythology! Love the stories, the sexual escapades of Zeus and others. The jealousy of Hera, and the promiscuity of Aphrodite… but we know right all of this is stereotypical of a patriarchal culture.

Let me introduce you to: Aphrodite, Medusa, Hera, Hestia, Andromeda, and Danae, among others.
430 Apr Irish Mythology

The ancient Celts in Ireland treated women better, but even they suffered from patriarchal tendencies.

Meet the swan maidens and banshees.
528th MayLatin America Mythology

Often Latin American and Caribbean people are lumped together, and they do intersect as we include some Caribbean nations in Latin America. But the cultures are also very distinct, thus the female spirits of Latin America must be separate.

Meet La Llorona, La Ciguapa, Yacumama, and La Siguanaba.

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