Young Founder/Hacker Circle

Navigating the early days of adulthood as a founder, creative, hacker or dropout can be challenging: let’s talk about it! In this weekly event, Zack and Zelda open a space for makers to share what they’re working on, receive support and make new friends

Our ancestors gathered around a fire to share what was on their mind & heart. They were listened to, and had the opportunity to advise their peers’ concerns and dreams, too. Similarly, we invite you to join the tribe and contribute by sharing the rabbit holes you went down, the work you need accountability or feedback on, or whatever struggle you’re going through.

You will leave energized by the driven folks part of our group and inspired by their own work and processes!

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In addition to series tickets, members get access to our community Discord (with a channel for this series to chat between events)—as well as free salon tickets each month, discounts, free members-only events, and more.

Every individual episode will be a safe, confidential and warm space for you to talk about the things you cannot share with your community and listen to people sharing about their own journey.

Each one will be open discussion, unique, and up to each and every one of you. Discussions can touch on family challenges (conflict, loss, disease…), depression, conflict with a co-founder, emotions (loneliness, anger, anxiety, sadness…), dating & Romantic relationships, addiction (drugs, porn, social media…), lack of purpose, hiring/ managing employees, trauma, burn out, neurodivergence (ADHD, autism…), sexual orientation + identity, health problems, failure, and/or low self-worth.

Join us if:
You are between 16 and 27 years old
You are a founder, dropout, or internet kid hacking on your own projects
You understand that the things shared in the space are confidential and agree to honor this golden rule!

Individual salons will happen each week on Wednesday, 8:30 pm CEST and last for 1.5 hour.

1Jul 12, 2023Young Hackers/ Founders Circle – 1st Episode
2Aug 9, 2023Young Hackers/ Founders Circle – 2nd Episode
3Aug 16, 2023Young Hacker/Founder Circle – 3rd Episode
4Aug 23, 2023Young Hacker/Founder Circle – 4th Episode
5Aug 30, 2023Young Hacker/Founder Circle – 5th Episode
6Sep 6, 2023Young Hacker/Founder Circle – 6th Episode
7Sep 13, 2023Young Hacker/Founder Circle – 7th Episode
8Sep 20, 2023Young Hacker/Founder Circle – 8th Episode
9Sep 27, 2023Young Hacker/Founder Circle – 9th Episode
10Oct 4, 2023Young Founder/Hacker Circle – 10th Episode
11Oct 11, 2023Young Founder/Hacker Circle – 11th Episode
12Oct 18, 2023Young Founder/Hacker Circle – 12th Episode
13Oct 25, 2023Young Founder/Hacker Circle – 13th Episode

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