Tanya Raj

About me:

I am interested in philosophy, psychology, photography (oh my! The Ps), writing, books, music, and divination. I started hosting salons in April 2021. Some previous salons I have hosted are around photography, silence, Ghibli animes, The Little Prince, and The Prophet. Conversations invigorate me and I am always curious about thoughtful and awe-inspiring connections. I love learning through inter-personal ways.

I am based in Bengaluru, India and have lived in London, Hong Kong, Boston, and Singapore. I love travelling – meeting people on the road and learning about their world, culture, and customs is one of the few joys I like indulging in. I have travelled across India, to Central Asia, Bhutan, Nepal, Singapore, HK, UK, US, and Sri Lanka.

I dabble in tarot reading, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine, along with teaching meditations. I try to write regularly on topics ranging from poetry to philosophical musings. I am fascinated with the art and beauty of languages and can interact in 6 languages. I sometimes play the keyboard and sport 5 tattoos.

Swing by for a casual conversation, over coffee, or tea!