Frequently Asked Questions

Event Questions

Q: What is a salon?

A: A salon is a non-hierarchical conversation around a specific topic, carrying the atmosphere of a living room gathering. Interintellect salons are facilitated discussions hosted by ii hosts.

Q: What other types of events are there?

There are salons, workshop salons, reading salons, carousel salons, book clubs, SuperSalons, members-only events, and host training sessions. You can read more about each type here.

Q: What is the difference between a salon and a SuperSalon?

Each week, we are host to many salons: cozy, interactive discussions of serious topics. SuperSalons are a rarer sort of event, featuring a special guest. In these cases, we extend more time to the guest, while still allowing room for questions and group participation, and the discussion is recorded.

Membership Questions

Q: I signed up for a Community Membership. How do I get my free ticket?

A: If you need to unlock your free code, just fill out this short form to get the coupon in your inbox.

Q: I’ve received a code with my Membership. On what salons can I use these coupon codes?

A: We send out monthly codes for our community to use for one salon each month. Any code that is received can be used for our single salons. (Codes can’t be used for series tickets, nor do we send out codes for series tickets.) Each salon has a limited number of coupon code slots available—determined by the host. For each salon, you can see how many coupon code slots are currently available at the bottom of the tickets box (e.g., “4 free coupon spaces available”).

Q: A salon page says “No free coupon spaces available.” Why is this?

A: While we offer many salons per week you can join as your free salon, please understand that salon tickets are how hosts get paid—and that being compensated for time (in salon and prep) is how hosts are able to offer all of these wonderful events! We allow hosts to control how they balance out maximizing attendance (via coupons) with payments. Remember, though, your membership also comes with a 30% discount on all events (and hosts still get their full payment with this discount!).