IRL: Meeting Up With Community Members

Interintellects are all over the world. IRL events can be casual meetups or a space for the sort of focused, lively discussions you know from online salons. Find or host an IRL near you!

Looking for upcoming offline events with the ii community? Check out our upcoming events below. Interintellect members can also connect via the community Discord, with channels for the American southwest, southeast, Australia, Austria, Bay Area, Berlin, Boston, Budapest, Canada, Edinburgh, France, India, Japan, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, Miami, New York, Portugal, Scandinavia, Seattle / Portland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Texas, and Washington DC.

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Previous Events…

June 10, 2023Where is the Recession?

I am Kyla (kylascan on Twitter, run the kyla substack, basically am all across the interwebs with a YouTube channel and the Let’s Appreciate podcast). I am writing a book called “In This Economy?” with Penguin Randomhouse, an intro guide discussing what the economy really means, and our role as humans in it. I am a Bloomberg Opinion Contributor, and work with various media outlets to tell economic stories, with a specific focus on Gen Z.
June 24, 2023New York IRL: Friendships in Adulthood

How do we make new friends and keep old friendships alive when life and new responsibilities get in the way? Join writer Elaine Wang in Prospect Park for a picnic and conversation about friendships in adulthood.
June 24, 2023Talking Trash – a New York IRL on Stooping, Scavenging, and Gleaning

Stooping, scavenging, or gleaning are all ways to describe the process of salvaging or reusing what others throw away. Join Columbia Professor @anniepfeifer to explore both the ancient roots and contemporary environmental implications of these do-it-yourself practices of waste management.
June 25, 2023London IRL: Bryan Kam on Neither/Nor (second session)

In this exciting in-person discussion, please join Interintellect fellow Bryan Kam to discuss his original philosophical work. No background in the subject is required.
July 2, 2023The City and Human Experience: How Urban Environments Shape Our Lives

Join writer and Interintellect host Patricia Hurducas in an IRL London salon to explore the relationship between urban environments and human experience. In this members-only salon, we will delve into the many ways in which our cities shape our lives, from the physical spaces we inhabit to the social dynamics we navigate.
July 29, 2023Predestination or the Branching Path: A Los Angeles IRL On Many-Worlds

Have you ever wondered if you’re the author of your life or just an audience to its events? Two authors present dramatically different takes on this question. I’m Matt, a cinematographer based in LA, and I’m excited to share two of my favorite short stories in a discussion in beautiful Santa Monica, CA. You can find me on Twitter here.

June 4: Place and Grandparenting the Next Generation: How will we care for our future kin?

  • How does place/urban vs. suburban settings affect how we will raise our families in the future? How do the ways our grandparents and generations back impact us today? Gabi Weinberg, aka the @startuprabbi, will lead a in-person discussion about the intersection of family and geography through the lens of ancient and modern texts paired with life experience.

May 28: London IRL: Bryan Kam on Neither/Nor

  • In this exciting in-person discussion, please join Interintellect fellow Bryan Kam to discuss his original philosophical work. No background in the subject is required.

May 28: San Francisco Memorial Day Weekend Picnic and Book Swap

  • To celebrate the beautiful spring weather and the arrival a few beloved ii visitors to town, we’ll be hosting a picnic and book swap in Golden Gate Park!

May 26: Berlin IRL Meetup

  • Join Lukas Rosenstock for a casual dinner with the Berlin Interintellect community.
    Let’s meet over dinner on a Friday night, talk about whatever comes to our minds and enjoy seeing our online friends in real life.
    The location will be shared privately with attendants via email (RSVP below) and in the Berlin channel of the ii Discord. It will be in Prenzlauer Berg district.

May 26: To Write For: A London IRL Salon on Writing Personas

  • In this salon, Podcast Librarian and Writer Norman Chella explores the concept of writing with purpose: from writing in your journal, to letters to a cherished one, readers on a blog, or note-taking. In each situation, we have a persona in mind, and fully articulating these personas will help us discover ourselves more.

May 21: Lisbon’s Past & Future: Walking Salon on Sunday Afternoon 🌞

  • Kelly Davis and Interintellect founder Anna Gát invite you to a walking-talking tour around a scenic route in Lisbon.  
    Starting out at the Miradouro and finishing our walk in Graça! We will end at Vino Vero for a glass of wine and cool down there’s a few breweries around the corner, too!

May 20: IRL social in an increasingly digital age: what does IRL offer uniquely?

  • What are we missing out on when we live chronically online? In this salon, Santiago Hernandez and Tope Olofintuyi will explore the various dimensions and unique features of IRL social connections.

May 13: Lisbon IRL: Your Colorful History

  • Join traveling host and Interintellect Executive Producer Crystal Duan as she visits Lisbon for the first time and wants to hear what brought you to this wonderful city and what you love most about it. This salon will be a casual dinner and also an interactive chance to chat with other Interintellects about your colorful histories and celebrate each other’s experiences!

May 13: The Magic of Cello: History, Technique, and Voice of an Enchanting Instrument

  • Join for a conversation about the history and magic capabilities of cello, led by an outstanding cellist and multiinstrumentalist Daniel Hass and a cello student and composer Ulkar Aghayeva. The conversation will be accompanied and illustrated by Daniel’s live performance.

May 7: The City of Paris IRL: Myth vs Reality?

  • Join Crystal for an intimate gathering in Paris to make new friends, have intellectual discussion, and comment on the fact that we all live in Paris, and we all have our differing reactions to this grand, amazing city. It’s Crystal’s first time really visiting — she’ll have lots of questions for all to answer!

May 6: In Transition: How We Navigate the Messy Middle between Endings and New Beginnings

  • Unpack a transition you’re facing in your career/business, in your relationships, or within yourself with executive coach Jason Shen.