IRL: Meeting Up With Community Members

Interintellects are all over the world. IRL events can be casual meetups or a space for the sort of focused, lively discussions you know from online salons. Find or host an IRL near you!

Looking for upcoming offline events with the ii community? Check out our upcoming events below. Interintellect members can also connect via the community Discord, with channels for the American southwest, southeast, Australia, Austria, Bay Area, Berlin, Boston, Budapest, Canada, Edinburgh, France, India, Japan, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, Miami, New York, Portugal, Scandinavia, Seattle / Portland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Texas, and Washington DC.

Featured: Arts and Minds: Conversations in New York – Interintellect x Museum Mile

February 15,
NYC IRL: Inside the Emerging Psychedelic Underground in China

Is taking ayahuasca the same in mainland China as in South America or downtown Manhattan? Join journalists Oshan Jarow and Shayla Love live in New York City in conversation with anthropologists Alex Gearin and Nicolas Langlitz on how culture influences psychedelic use and experience, and Alex’s ethnography of psychedelic use in China. 
February 15, 2024New York IRL: Expansive Conversations – Getting Quiet

Join writer and meditation teacher, Grace Bialecki, for the next episode of a new New York City IRL series, ‘Expansive Conversations,’ where we’ll discuss poetry, authenticity, and self-actualization.
February 17, 2024Mexico City IRL: Casual February Meetup

Calling all Chilangos! Join Phil Chu for this casual February Mexico City meetup and forge new friendships, reconnect with existing friends, and dive into enriching conversations.
February 22,
In This Economy? 7. Recessions and the Confusing Part of Vibes

Join the next episode of an offline salon series in Manhattan, featuring the brilliant writer and multifaceted creator Kyla Scanlon! Come and discuss her upcoming book, finance, crypto, and more!
March 24,
Austin IRL: March Meetup in North Austin

Calling all Central Texas Interintellects! Join host Alaka Halder for a casual meetup at Easy Tiger Linc in north Austin.

February 9: Bay Area IRL

Join founder Abbe Hyde and fellow Interintellect members for a comedy show at 6 PM or drinks at 8 PM.

January 20: Exploring Movement: A London In-Person Salon

Ben Fleming invites you to come and move in this London IRL salon all about action and the human body. Join us for a truly dynamic and unique salon focused on movement! This is a rare chance to combine intellectual discussion with physical exploration, and experience both theory and action at once.

January 20: Miami IRL: Casual January Meetup

Hey Miami! Get ready for a casual meetup this January, hosted by Aashay Mody. It’s the perfect chance to make new friends, catch up with familiar faces, and engage in stimulating discussions.

January 20: Toronto IRL: January Meetup

Hey, Toronto and GTA! We’re going to have a casual meetup this January, hosted by Ben Parry. It’s a great opportunity to meet others based in Toronto, learn about some of the amazing projects going on in the city, make new friends, and engage in stimulating discussions. There’s no set topics but our experience is nothing beats the joy of laid-back yet thought-provoking get-togethers. 

January 18: New York IRL: Expansive Conversations – Becoming

As we start a new year, we’ll explore how to find the balance between authenticity and self-actualization. We’ll read the poem “The Journey” by Mary Oliver and discuss how to not get lost in the “flood of becoming.”

January 15: MLK Museum IRL Get-Together! (Washington DC)

Join host Eloy Fisher for an IRL get-together in Washington DC. Whether you’re a long-time member or new to the community, let’s seize the opportunity to meet up and explore some of the works in the museum.

December 10: New York IRL: Designing Your Life

In his debut Interintellect Salon, Roman Gayduk will facilitate a discussion of how to approach constructing one’s life intelligently. We might touch on design thinking, deciding whether to become a vampire, and what inner work might have to do with all this. Bring your stories of success and failure, and lessons you’ve learned!

December 9: San Francisco IRL: December Holiday Meetup

Let’s come together in the City of Love and celebrate the season! Join Michelle Z for this December Holiday meetup and forge new friendships, reconnect with old pals, and dive into enriching conversations.

November 19: New York IRL: Casual November Meetup

New Yorkers, join Matt Voglewede for this casual dinner meetup! Forge new friendships, reconnect with old pals, and dive into enriching conversations.

November 15: NYC: In This Economy? 4. How Do We Measure the Economy?

Join the fourth episode of an offline salon series in Manhattan, featuring the brilliant writer and multifaceted creator Kyla Scanlon! Come and discuss her upcoming book, In This Economy?, and a variety of related topics.

November 8: San Francisco Bay Area: November IRL Meetup

Bay Area! There has been a lot of interest of late for a Bay Area IRL meetup. It’s coming up this November with our member Rahul Subramanian

November 5: Austin IRL: Casual November Meetup at Meanwhile

Whether you’re a long-time Interintellect member or new to our community, this is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, form new connections and have fun, meaningful conversations. Come when you can and stay as long as you like. Definitely bring a friend or two!

November 4: DC Social: Female Fame – Tara Isabella Burton and Celeste Marcus on Authenticity, Artificiality, and the Paradox of Femininity

Please join Interintellect and Liberties Magazine for FemaleFame, an offline salon (and Novitate Conference after party) on authenticity, artificiality, and the paradox of femininity.

October 21: Good Life: Interintellect Fall Fiesta NYC

Legendary author Larissa MacFarquhar on how to be good. Existentialist philosopher Skye Cleary and poet Grace Bialecki on how to be poetic. Media expert Kyla Scanlon on how to make sense of the economy. Three incredible offline salons, and then a gentle DJ party to celebrate autumn, ideas, friendship, and community. Come join us!

October 21: Bay Area IRL: Keeping Up with the Humanities While in STEM

How do you manage a case of split-brain? You spend all day working on thinking about programming, math, chemistry, product, software marketing, etc., yet also have a deep interest in literature, poetry, film, and so on? Whether you work in tech or not, come and join us for this casual meetup!

October 14: London IRL: Casual October Meetup

Few things make life better than casual but inspiring gatherings. Whether you’re a long-time Interintellect member or new to our community, this is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and form meaningful connections. Let’s (re)connect and catch up in person!

October 11: Lisbon IRL: On Burnout and Sabbaticals

Join Tim and Simon for a dinner and discussion on how burnout happens and how sabbaticals can help us heal and forge a new understanding of ourselves.

October 7: Frankfurt (Main) IRL Meetup

Frankfurt is the bustling center of the Rhine-Main region. Serving as the headquarters of the European Central Bank, it’s a financial hub for both Germany and the European Union. Known for its iconic skyline that gave it its nickname “Mainhattan”, but also its historic buildings and the small traditional pubs where the locals drink their “Ebbelwoi” (cider). Situated in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt is easily accessible by road, rail, and Germany’s busiest airport. What better place to bring together a global community of thinkers?

September 9: Talking Trash – a New York IRL on Stooping, Scavenging, and Gleaning

Stooping, scavenging, or gleaning are all ways to describe the process of salvaging or reusing what others throw away. Join Columbia Professor Annie Pfeifer to explore both the ancient roots and contemporary environmental implications of these do-it-yourself practices of waste management.

September 5: Bangalore Offline: Interintellect x Roots of Progress

  • We’re thrilled to invite you for an enlightening meetup with Jason Crawford! During it, we will delve into the origins and mission of his organization, The Roots of Progress, as well as engage in a stimulating discussion on the philosophy of progress. Join this is a fantastic opportunity to share your thoughts, ask questions, and explore new perspectives with fellow Interintellectuals.

August 13: Amsterdam IRL with Patricia Hurducas – On Ways of Seeing and Paying Attention 

  • Join Interintellect host and writer Patricia Hurducas at this offline Amsterdam social for a discussion of how we see ourselves and the world around us. After a quick deep dive into topics such as attention, perspective, ways of looking at art, we will walk around the Eye Film Museum and enjoy the exhibitions.

August 11: Exploring the Barbican: A Member’s Social with a Resident

  • Join other London ii members for a short insider’s tour of the Barbican Estate followed by drinks and discussion on large-scale residential estate architecture and Brutalism. Interintellect member and Estate Resident Hamish Robertson will be joined by Lukas Rosenstock to co-host this relaxed evening in Central London.

August 10: Pessoa’s City – Lisbon IRL – a Meet & Greet for New Members

  • A casual dinner for new members hosted by Interintellect founder Anna Gát! We will discuss Pessoa’s poetry, as well as art, identity, language, and our journeys.

August 3: San Francisco IRL Meetup: Navigating Life Transitions

  • I’m Sandra Sobańska and I have recently quit my startup job to explore what would happen if I could devote more energy and attention to the things that move my soul’s strings. Still, change is hard and I believe we’re not meant to do it all alone. I’m hosting this meetup to connect with more people in transition to share experiences and explore how we can support each other. 

July 30: Austin July IRL Meetup at Easy Tiger: How Do You Travel?

  • Join hosts Shahid Nowshad and Alaka Halder for this summer meetup where we’ll explore the topic of travel, share stories, advice, and what we’re hoping to learn.

July 22: London IRL with Anna Gát – Travel as Self-Growth

  • Join Interintellect founder Anna Gát at this offline London social for a discussion of travel in relation to self-growth.

July 2: The City and Human Experience: How Urban Environments Shape Our Lives

  • Join writer and Interintellect host Patricia Hurducas in an IRL London salon to explore the relationship between urban environments and human experience. In this members-only salon, we will delve into the many ways in which our cities shape our lives, from the physical spaces we inhabit to the social dynamics we navigate.

June 28: Manchester IRL – Music Recommendation Party

  • Mancunians! Join Nicky Buttigieg for a casual hangout and music recommendation party.
    Manchester has a rich and diverse musical heritage, fostering legendary bands like The Smiths, Joy Division, and Oasis, as well as electronic music pioneers like New Order and The Chemical Brothers. Join me for a cozy conversation about our favourite music, and leave with a curated list of recommendations to uplift your soul.

June 25: London IRL: Bryan Kam on Neither/Nor (second session)

  • In this exciting in-person discussion, please join Interintellect fellow Bryan Kam to discuss his original philosophical work. No background in the subject is required.

June 24: New York IRL: Friendships in Adulthood

  • How do we make new friends and keep old friendships alive when life and new responsibilities get in the way? Join writer Elaine Wang in Prospect Park for a picnic and conversation about friendships in adulthood.

June 11: Venice Picnic – Reflecting on the Past and Present

  • Pavel is an engineer and community builder, striving to collectively develop our abundance mindsets through his long-term project — — and substack, On Humanity.We will gather to get to know one another and converse about our respective interests and passions. 

June 10: Where is the Recession?

  • I am Kyla (kylascan on Twitter, run the kyla substack, basically am all across the interwebs with a YouTube channel and the Let’s Appreciate podcast). I am writing a book called “In This Economy?” with Penguin Randomhouse, an intro guide discussing what the economy really means, and our role as humans in it. I am a Bloomberg Opinion Contributor, and work with various media outlets to tell economic stories, with a specific focus on Gen Z.

June 4: Place and Grandparenting the Next Generation: How will we care for our future kin?

  • How does place/urban vs. suburban settings affect how we will raise our families in the future? How do the ways our grandparents and generations back impact us today? Gabi Weinberg, aka the @startuprabbi, will lead a in-person discussion about the intersection of family and geography through the lens of ancient and modern texts paired with life experience.

May 28: London IRL: Bryan Kam on Neither/Nor

  • In this exciting in-person discussion, please join Interintellect fellow Bryan Kam to discuss his original philosophical work. No background in the subject is required.

May 28: San Francisco Memorial Day Weekend Picnic and Book Swap

  • To celebrate the beautiful spring weather and the arrival a few beloved ii visitors to town, we’ll be hosting a picnic and book swap in Golden Gate Park!

May 26: Berlin IRL Meetup

  • Join Lukas Rosenstock for a casual dinner with the Berlin Interintellect community.
    Let’s meet over dinner on a Friday night, talk about whatever comes to our minds and enjoy seeing our online friends in real life.
    The location will be shared privately with attendants via email (RSVP below) and in the Berlin channel of the ii Discord. It will be in Prenzlauer Berg district.

May 26: To Write For: A London IRL Salon on Writing Personas

  • In this salon, Podcast Librarian and Writer Norman Chella explores the concept of writing with purpose: from writing in your journal, to letters to a cherished one, readers on a blog, or note-taking. In each situation, we have a persona in mind, and fully articulating these personas will help us discover ourselves more.

May 21: Lisbon’s Past & Future: Walking Salon on Sunday Afternoon 🌞

  • Kelly Davis and Interintellect founder Anna Gát invite you to a walking-talking tour around a scenic route in Lisbon.  
    Starting out at the Miradouro and finishing our walk in Graça! We will end at Vino Vero for a glass of wine and cool down there’s a few breweries around the corner, too!

May 20: IRL social in an increasingly digital age: what does IRL offer uniquely?

  • What are we missing out on when we live chronically online? In this salon, Santiago Hernandez and Tope Olofintuyi will explore the various dimensions and unique features of IRL social connections.

May 13: Lisbon IRL: Your Colorful History

  • Join traveling host and Interintellect Executive Producer Crystal Duan as she visits Lisbon for the first time and wants to hear what brought you to this wonderful city and what you love most about it. This salon will be a casual dinner and also an interactive chance to chat with other Interintellects about your colorful histories and celebrate each other’s experiences!

May 13: The Magic of Cello: History, Technique, and Voice of an Enchanting Instrument

  • Join for a conversation about the history and magic capabilities of cello, led by an outstanding cellist and multiinstrumentalist Daniel Hass and a cello student and composer Ulkar Aghayeva. The conversation will be accompanied and illustrated by Daniel’s live performance.

May 7: The City of Paris IRL: Myth vs Reality?

  • Join Crystal for an intimate gathering in Paris to make new friends, have intellectual discussion, and comment on the fact that we all live in Paris, and we all have our differing reactions to this grand, amazing city. It’s Crystal’s first time really visiting — she’ll have lots of questions for all to answer!

May 6: In Transition: How We Navigate the Messy Middle between Endings and New Beginnings

  • Unpack a transition you’re facing in your career/business, in your relationships, or within yourself with executive coach Jason Shen.