In This Economy? Kyla Scanlon’s NYC Offline SuperSeries

Join this unique year-long offline salon series in Manhattan, featuring the brilliant writer and multifaceted creator Kyla Scanlon! Come and discuss her upcoming book, In This Economy? and a variety of related topics

Kyla has written for the New York Times, New York Magazine and Bloomberg Opinion. In her substack, she provides a fun, accessible and educative place where we can all learn about finance, crypto, and even emotions, by focusing on a human-centric economic analysis.

With each episode exploring a specific topic related to her book, join fellow curious minds to better understand, under the guidance of Kyla, what does the vibecession mean, how and why do we perceive the economy, and the emotional processing of our surroundings!

All episodes are scheduled to take place from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

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In partnership with the excellent Higher Ground Education.

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1Aug 16,
The Economic Kingdom and Fiscal Policy (Moved Online)
2Sept 27,
Monetary Policy (Moved Online)
3Oct 21,
How to Understand the Economy
4Nov 16,
How Do We Measure the Economy?
5Dec 20,
Economic Theories
6Feb 22,
The Vibes Economy
7March 20,
Recessions and the Confusing Part of Vibes
8TBDLabor Market; Wage Growth + Wealth Inequality; Inflation; Supply and Demand; Commodities

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