Hosting an Offline Interintellect Salon

Want to take your new ii community offline and bring people together?

We’re proud to be a global, interconnected community with bases all over the world!

As the season gets warmer, don’t hesitate to add to our slate of events happening LIVE in London, Lisbon, the Bay Area, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, and more…

Don’t see an event happening in your area yet? Host one of your own!

IRL salons can be casual, social meetups or a space for the sort of focused, lively discussions you know from online salons. (As host, though, you must communicate such expectations upfront!)

Recently, we’ve had an abundance discussion, a workshop on compassion, and a cello performance live at our New York Museum Mile location…

A discussion of ancient Greek philosophy in London…

and a restaurant social about dreams and disillusionment in Los Angeles!

What will your salon be on?

To see who’s in your area, see our ii locations channels to find others in your area!

We have also opened a Community Forum channel called #irl_salons as well for anyone who wants to find a co-host or suggest a topic!

Basic Rules

  • Offline salons are for now members-only—and so free events. Allowing for plus ones is up to the host’s discretion.
  • Hosts for IRL events must send us the physical location—plus other details (e.g., bring blankets, refreshments, etc.)—at least three days before the salon. We will then notify those who RSVP at this stage plus a reminder day-of. If we do not have this information at least three days in advance of the scheduled salon, we will cancel the event.
  • Preference for outdoor locations, with parks, pub terraces, people’s gardens, and rooftops as current favourites.
  • Platform format followed: bookings, pictures, summary, potential Scribe present, follow-up channel on Discord.

Some of our past IRL meetups around the world:

New York

As for locations, we’re working on longterm partnerships with spaces in the most active cities, but in general, the location of offline salons fall under the host’s responsibility – to choose, book, confirm the space and give clear directions in their event description. Hosts can request a private Discord channel for their offline attendees for better communication.

Check out our Guidepost Montessori Museum Mile New York salons here!

Interintellect doesn’t pay for deposits or rental fees to venues outside our own network; hosts may do this at their own discretion. As our offline events are currently members-only, hosts should not seek to charge their attendees any contribution to deposits or rental fees.

The ideal place for an ii gathering is a garden or, where it has become possible again, a nice living room. But some of you will choose rooftops and terraces, parks and café lounges. A good thing about the art of conversation is that it can unfold almost anywhere.

As for refreshments, if the salon is in your home, you will be asked to provide these. Please be mindful of possible dietary restrictions. In cafés or bars, people will naturally order for themselves, and in the case of parks, attendees will of course bring their own snacks and drinks. In exceptional cases, e.g., a student fellow hosts at home and can’t afford refreshments, Interintellect can provide extra support.