Arts and Minds: Conversations in New York – Interintellect x Museum Mile

Higher Ground Education and Interintellect are pleased to present a series of in-person salons at Guidepost Museum Mile. The discussions will feature some of Interintellect’s best event hosts, and welcome Museum Mile parents, middle school students, as well as local members of the Interintellect community.

Higher Ground is the largest and fastest-growing network of Montessori schools in the world, with Guidepost Museum Mile as their flagship campus. Interintellect is a global intellectuals’ community, reinventing the French literary salon in a virtual world.

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Date & TimeTopic
October 21, 2023Good Life: Interintellect Fall Fiesta NYC

Legendary author Larissa MacFarquhar on how to be good. Existentialist philosopher Skye Cleary and poet Grace Bialecki on how to be poetic. Media expert Kyla Scanlon on how to make sense of the economy. Three incredible offline salons, and then a gentle DJ party to celebrate autumn, ideas, friendship, and community. Come join us!
Nov 15,
How Do We Measure the Economy?

Previous Events: 

10 June 2023: Where is the Recession?

20 May 2023: IRL social in an increasingly digital age: what does IRL offer uniquely?

13 May 2023: The Magic of Cello: History, Technique, and Voice of an Enchanting Instrument

6 May 2023: In Transition: How we Navigate the Messy Middle Between Endings and New Beginnings

  • Host: Jason Shen (serial founder & executive coach)

29 April 2023: Studying Music on Your Own Terms

25 March 2023: Dynamic New York: Transplants and Transformation in the City

18 March 2023: The Evolving Dynamics of Talent

  • Host: Linus Lu (startup operator, writer, and talent investor)

11 March 2023: A Self-Compassion Workshop: We Are Not Alone

18 February 2023: An Investigation Into Main Character Energy

14 January 2023: Building to Last – An Exploration of the Abundance Mindset and Optimism about the Future

08 January 2023: How To: Flirt with the World

  • Hosts: Ms. G (flirting coach and creativity midwife)

10 December 2022: The Power of Self Actualization

03 December 2022: Expect the Unexpected – The Art of Complex Systems and Thinking Across Scales

12 November 2022: Conversations with Composers – The Science and Practice of Writing Music