Conversations on Self-Compassion

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As we head into the winter months, we can all use a little mindfulness and self-care. Join writer Elaine Wang for informal communal “group therapy” where we discuss a different topic related to self-compassion each month and how it can be applied in our lives.

Perhaps you’ve had this experience: You attend a social event and meet some wonderful people. But the conversations are just surface level. Maybe you talk about what you do for work. Maybe you talk about a book you’re reading. You want to connect on a deeper, personal level, but you’re not sure how to have a more vulnerable conversation. The goal of this monthly series is to create a safe space where everyone is encouraged to share as vulnerably as they’d like. Bring your whole self and any big questions, thoughts, ideas you’ve been grappling with, and let’s figure out how to approach them through a lens of self-compassion.

This is an intimate, members-only event. If you’re Zoom fatigued, feel free to keep your camera off. 🙂

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1November 7, 2022PERMISSION
What does it mean to give yourself permission to be self-compassionate?
How do you give yourself permission to share vulnerably?
How do you invite others to share vulnerably?
2December 5, 2022ACCEPTANCE
What is “radical acceptance” and what is it not?
What are some practical ways to practice acceptance in your life?
How can acceptance help us form better relationships?
3January 9, 2023AMBITION
What are you ambitious about? What are the conditions needed to activate your drive to achieve a particular goal and to sustain it?
4February 6, 2023ATTACHMENT