Without Borders:  A Series for Borderless Thinkers

After living in Chile, Belgium, Canada, and now Spain, Nolan spends his days studying cultural psychology, interviewing people from around the world, traveling, and writing stories to break down borders. His project, Without Borders, is a collective of new articles, stories, videos, and podcasts each week, bringing insight and perspective to these experiences.

This series is for nomads, expats, third-culture kids, immigrants, or anyone who feels inescapably foreign. On the first Sunday every month at 18:00 CET, we will discuss ways to break down borders through cultural psychology research, immigration advice, and travel stories. After hosting the Without Borders miniseries in February, Nolan realized the discussions can’t be contained in one series and needed to be ongoing. He is constantly updating the material to build upon each previous salon. 

The themes of the monthly discussion revolve around:

  • Abating polarization
  • Advancing the bureaucratic system and immigration process
  • Exploring universal truths about morality
  • Improving cultural competence
  • Increasing productivity for international organizations
  • Limiting xenophobia
  • Storytelling techniques for “The Inescapably Foreign.”

The first Sunday of every month at 18:00 CET

Note: You can purchase each salon ticket for $15 or a series ticket for $90 (save +40%), valid throughout 2023. 

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1April 2, 2023Cultural Competence for International Organizations

For the first salon of the Without Borders Series with host Nolan Yuma Janssens , we will discuss cultural competence in both a business and personal setting. We will use the research of social psychologists and business professionals such as Erin Meyer, Kurt Lewin, Richard E. Nisbett, and Stephanie Steven J. Heine to aid in our the conversation. 

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