Interintellect Fellow: Linus Lu

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Below you will find information about Linus’s thesis, why we are excited about it, and what it means for YOU. At the bottom, you will also find details about upcoming events Linus is hosting and work from his fellowship (writing, podcast episodes, and more).

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Linus’s Thesis: Linus believes that talent exists innately in all people, but that the talent conversion efficiency rate is currently <1%. Through writing and research, Linus seeks to explore how we humans can more efficiently convert talent into productivity, innovation, and flourishing, both individually and societally.

Why We Think It’s Great: While Interintellect is often a platform that draws thinkers and creators who have found some success in their area of curiosity, we are also a home to thinkers and creators who are seeking guidance at the beginning of their talent journey. We believe that Linus and his research in talent and excellence will be a great resource for Interintellects who are still in the seeking phase of their creative endeavors.

What This Means for YOU: Linus will host a series of salons asking questions like: “What is talent?” and “How will AI and technology change the role of talent?” as well as taking a look at talent from a hiring and interviewing perspective (“What are the problems and opportunities for growth in talent searching?”). 

Linus’s Fellowship Event Schedule

On Talent

Everything we have in society is downstream from talent. But despite how important this topic is, we don’t often talk about it explicitly. In this salon series, we will have wide-ranging discussions about the dynamics of talent, the problems of talent discovery and development, and hopefully learn about how we can collectively inspire as much talent to be realized in the world.

DateTypeTitle / Details
March 19,
IRL / New YorkThe Evolving Dynamics of Talent
April 16,
Online What is talent?
May 21,
OnlineHow to Find Talent
JuneTBDOrganizing Talent
July TBDComing soon!
AugustTBDComing soon!


What is the Interintellect Fellowship? Interintellect has launched a microgrant program for 2022-2023. Between October 24, 2022 and February 24, 2023, we will be awarding $5,000 to up to 5 Interintellect members, who will become Interintellect Fellows for 6 months each.

What does being an Interintellect Fellow entail? During the 6 months of the Interintellect Fellowship, we expect Fellows to demonstrate progress in their artistic/intellectual practice. Whether your main focus is your book, newsletter, YouTube channel, performances, exhibitions, or academic work, we’d like to hear from you regularly!

The Fellows will get a dedicated channel in the Interintellect Discord where they can keep the community updated on their work and events. We will also host one or two showcase events for Fellows to present their work to the community, and we’ll regularly share their achievements in the Interintellect Newsletter to ensure their ideas and talent reach as many people as possible.

During each 6 month Fellowship, the grantees will also stay in dialogue with their growing public via hosting monthly Interintellect events: 4 x public online salons, and 2 x members only online events or IRL meetups, each. (Our Fellows will earn income after their ticket sales, as in the case of any regular salon hosted on our platform, whenever they host public online events. See the Interintellect Knowledgebase for more details.)

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