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Changes Regarding Membership Plans

Interintellect has made some changes to its membership plans in an effort to provide a better experience to members.

Beginner Plan

$15.99 per month or $154.99 per year

Members who are currently on a Monthly Plan will be moved to the Beginner Plan, and have 1 free code per month (excluded of 30% discount on yearly events).

Members who are currently on a Yearly Plan will be moved to the Beginner Plan and will receive 1 free code per month in addition to a 30% discount on public tickets. 

Members who fall in this category will be offered a discount if they wish to upgrade to the yearly plan.

Intellectual Explorer Plan

$24.99 per month or $239.99 per year

Additional Information

Members currently on any membership plans, excluding the SuperSupporter and Student Plan, can upgrade to a yearly membership for $179.99 until May 21st, 2024.

Code of Conduct for Interintellect Events


  • Interintellect events are collaborative discussions hosted by a fellow member on specific topics. 
  • These events are designed to foster multidisciplinary dialogue, curiosity, and balanced participation, encouraging both deep dives and the exploration of new questions.


  • Punctuality: Arrive on time and notify a host if you need to leave early.
  • Engagement: Active participation is required; no passive attendance.
  • Respect: Wait your turn, raise your hand to speak, and avoid interruptions.

Technical Guidelines

  • Audio/Video: Keep your microphone muted when not speaking. Video should be on during participation unless an exception is granted by the host.
  • Recordings: Each event listing shows whether or not an event will be recorded. Member-only recordings remain exclusive to members.


  • Respect and Inclusivity: Engage respectfully, avoiding topics or tones that may be uncomfortable to others during an event, video, or livestream.
  • Privacy and Intellectual Property: Do not share an individual’s personal information without prior consent; avoid sharing copyrighted materials.
  • Behavior: No hate speech, harassment, or bullying. Engage in lawful activities only.


Violations of these guidelines may lead to removal from an event, with potential bans for severe or repeated offenses.


  • Screenshots: Hosts may take screenshots for social sharing; you can opt out by notifying the host ahead of the event.
  • Age Restrictions: Some topics may be restricted to an 18+ audience due to content sensitivity.

Thank you for maintaining the standards of our community and contributing to enriching discussions. Enjoy your event!


What are Interintellect events?

An Interintellect event is an online or offline gathering and conversation, typically spanning one to three hours, where participants delve into a specific topic. This unique place enriches your life and shapes your intellectual journey, leading to innovative thoughts and lasting relationships.

Our format encompasses a variety of engaging events, including in-depth discussions, creative workshops, artistic performances, and talks with special guests. For a deeper dive, explore the different event types outlined in the sections below.

What can I expect if I host an event?

Lead friendly conversations that transcend boundaries and inspire new ideas. Our platform provides expert training and a supportive community, allowing you to grow your audience faster and more kindly and to monetize your work from Day 1.

Embark on your intellectual adventure in the company of new friends and fellow seekers!

Our hosts develop events based on topics close to their hearts and share them with our public audience and close-knit community. Whether you’re looking to promote your creative projects, enhance your public speaking skills, expand your network, or simply engage in stimulating conversations, hosting an event offers a multitude of benefits.

Is this like a formal conference or academic talk?

Interintellect events differ from formal conferences or academic talks in that hosts need not be experts or content creators. While expertise is welcome, hosts who possess genuine curiosity and a desire to explore topics alongside attendees can also lead engaging events. 

Rather than delivering a presentation, hosts serve as catalysts for conversation, guiding discussions and fostering interaction among participants. Additionally, Interintellect events provide a means to network and further your education on various topics.

Who comes to Interintellect events?

Our events attract a diverse audience ranging from established experts in specific fields to enthusiastic learners and hobbyists exploring new topics. Attendees may come from various backgrounds and disciplines, contributing to the richness and depth of discussions. Additionally, many attendees are paying members of the Interintellect community, further enhancing the quality of engagement with their passion for sharing knowledge and meaningful conversations across the world.

If I join as a host, how many events am I required to do in total?

There are no set requirements for the number of events a host must conduct. However, we encourage new hosts to host more frequently to gain experience and refine their skills. Starting with topics familiar to you can ease the transition into hosting, allowing for experimentation and growth over time.

What are the expectations for joining as a host?

To join as a host, we ask that you embody the Interintellect hosting ethos, express enthusiasm for sharing your events, and engage with attendees who are eager to participate. While there are no strict criteria for becoming a host, embracing our community’s collaborative spirit and contributing positively to discussions are essential.

What is the procedure for becoming a host?

Becoming a host is a straightforward process. 

When you visit the website, you will notice the “Hosting” link at the top, which will take you to a page that provides further information about the hosting experience and also allows you to create a hosting account right away.

Once you enter your email, you will be sent a link to your inbox that will allow you to create a hosting account.

We also recommend joining the Interintellect Discord to connect with fellow hosts and community members. 

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the hosting procedures, you can list your first event or series. 

To ensure a smooth process, please make sure that all necessary requirements, such as payment setup and Zoom account creation, are completed within 24 hours of submission to publish your event.


Who pays for this? How much does it cost?

Attendees cover the cost of admission. As a host, you control the price of tickets and earn revenue from each sale (excluding any platform fees, if applicable).

While Interintellect assists with marketing through social media and newsletters, the success of your event ultimately depends on your promotional efforts and engagement with potential attendees.

Preparing to Host

How do I know if my idea will make a good topic?

Virtually any idea has the potential to spark engaging discussions, provided it’s well-framed and thought-provoking. To gauge the viability of your topic, consider its relevance and the questions it evokes. 

What fundamental inquiries lie at its core? How can you present diverse perspectives to enrich the conversation?

Effective listings often pose intriguing questions or highlight paradoxes that capture the curiosity of prospective attendees, enticing them to delve deeper into the subject matter. 

Seeking feedback and interest from the Interintellect community on Discord or Twitter can further refine your concept.

How do you craft an appealing event description? How much detail should I include?

Crafting a compelling event description begins with introducing yourself and expressing your interests. Provide a concise overview of the subject matter, accompanied by questions you aim to explore during the conversation. Including suggested readings or relevant links can enhance attendee engagement and preparation.

Referencing examples of well-executed event listings and utilizing existing event templates on our website can guide you in striking the right balance of detail and intrigue.

How do you find brainstorming buddies / co-hosts?

The Interintellect Discord serves as a valuable resource for connecting with potential co-hosts and brainstorming partners. Alternatively, consider reaching out to friends, colleagues, or individuals with diverse perspectives who can contribute unique insights to your topic. Engaging with like-minded individuals on Twitter can also yield collaborations and enrich the experience for both hosts and attendees.


When promoting, how do you cut through the noise of social media?

While Interintellect assists with promotional efforts, an engaged host significantly enhances the event’s success. Consider reaching out via email, sending direct messages to your Twitter contacts, posting in relevant channels on the Discord community forum, recruiting friends from your offline network, or even submitting an essay for our blog. Embrace various avenues to spread the word about your event!

How do you prepare for conversations?

Visit our Host Greenroom in our community forum and watch our training videos for expert advice on how to run great conversations.

What are good ways to create an engaging conversation?

Interintellect conversations thrive on diverse perspectives, drawing participants from around the globe with varied cultural backgrounds. Embrace this diversity to explore different angles of the topic, fostering engaging and enriching conversations that captivate attendees.

Hosting a Series

How often should I run the episodes?

Series episodes typically occur monthly, maintaining a consistent schedule such as the first Thursday of each month at 8 PM US time zone. However, hosts have the flexibility to schedule bi-weekly or weekly series based on their preferences and audience availability.

How much do series tickets cost for community members vs. non-community members?

As the host, you have control over ticket pricing for series events. Ensure transparency in pricing, reflecting both the value of the series and membership benefits.

How many tickets are sold?

Set your ticket price and determine the size of your public audience, up to 150 people.

Can people buy tickets for individual events within the series?

This decision rests with the host. Some hosts offer both series tickets and individual episode tickets, while others opt for one or the other. Clearly communicate your preferences in your series submission to ensure clarity for potential attendees.

Hosting a SuperSalon

What is the difference between a salon and a SuperSalon?

SuperSalons feature distinguished guests, often renowned experts in their fields. These events allocate additional time for guest presentations while still accommodating group participation and questions. SuperSalon discussions are typically recorded and made accessible on the Interintellect YouTube channel, offering enduring insights to the community.

When listing a event, you will have the option to choose a SuperSalon and thereby let everyone who sees it know that your guest is a renowned expert in their field.

How are payments handled for SuperSalons?

SuperSalon hosts have the flexibility in managing their proceeds. Payments from Interintellect go to the main host (who listed the event), and the hostcan distribute the proceeds as they see fit to the co-host or special guest. Transparent communication and agreement between hosts and guests regarding payment arrangements are essential, ensuring a seamless process facilitated by the Interintellect team.

Hosting an In-Person Event (IRL)

I am hosting an IRL meetup. When do I need to know the details of where to meet?

When hosting an IRL meetup, the best conversations often happen on our Discord channel, where people come up with some great ideas on what kind of meetup they would like to participate in.

Do I need to give an exact location, or can it be approximate?

Specific locations are never listed in the public event on our platform; however, hosts can easily reach attendees using host blasts and notifying the right channel in Discord.

Connecting with the Interintellect Team

If you need to reach out to the Interintellect team, the quickest and most efficient way is via email at 

Great to have you on board!


The Interintellect Team