Mariya Hoffman

About me:

I run Human Reason, an educational resource that combines somatic mindfulness, action and commitment therapy, and other evidence-based practices to help us understand ourselves better and get along with other humans around us.

I draw heavily on my background as a Certified Focusing Trainer–Focusing is a somatic mindfulness practice that came to fruition in Chicago in the 1960’s and has since been incorporated into many body-based psychotherapies. I also hold a Master’s degree in psychology and a post-graduate certificate in Educational Therapy.

This combination of education and psychology has instilled a love for breaking down complex concepts–which I enjoy doing inside Interintellect Salons. Some topics I love to discuss include: The concept of a Higher Self, how we carry our experiences in our body, embodied emotions, what makes a meaningful life, the role of stress in our work and life, and balancing our needs with the needs of other humans.