ii Love

For me, the ii is the number one place on the Internet to find your intellectual soul mates to play with ideas, narratives, share experiences, and become more human, all in the span of 3 hours. It’s a place where we can engage in authentic conversations about anything and if the topic isn’t discussed as often we can even create a Salon about it ourselves.”

“Interintellect enfolds like a journey that takes you on a path of discovery and exploration with fellow seekers. The best part is that everyone comes from a place of acceptance and openness where even the quietest person finds his/her voice. It’s one of the best things that has happened to me in 2020.”

“Salons engage at the level of ideas, but we share our own stories to bring the richness of our own lived experiences to co-create a tapestry that makes us realize we could be friends even if we live thousands of miles away from each other. It captures an experience that isn’t usually found on social media but is found in evening and late-night conversations with close friends.”

“The ii has given me a forum to explore and challenge my own ideas, through listening to others. It’s been a solace for continuing to expand my worldview, when so much of the world is currently restricted.”

“The most delightful thing about the ii for me is how every interaction I’ve had in within it has been nourishing, energizing. Knowing that it exists is something that makes me more optimistic and hopeful about the world, and about the future. That there are good people coming together in good-faith to try and understand each other, learn from each other, challenge each other – wasn’t that what we were supposed to be doing all along?”

“In this bubble of welcome and trust, some of the most incredible conversations happen.”

“I found the ii during quarantine when I was craving conversation beyond news and current events. I simultaneously feel intimidated by the genius and passion of my fellow interintellects and encouraged to explore and ask questions.”

“The Interintellect has been a life raft in a tumultuous time. The wholehearted conversations taking place here are a model for what discourse on the Internet ought to look like.”

“Interintellect members seem to share some of that edge-dwelling quality along with an inherent drive to understand.”

Interintellect is a travel agency for the mind. And in a locked down world, we desperately need meaningful travel.”

“A diverse community united by a thirst for experience. Members of the Interintellect seek knowledge, art, friendship, and conversation, and are eager to cross borders and shatter convention to experience everything beautiful in life.”

“Being intellectually strong and powerful is so important in this new age of information and possibility, and I can finally feel like I can work on intellectual things and have a “weird” audience that cares and moreover an audience that reliably nurtures and encourages it.” 

“I feel the happiest after attending a Salon, particularly one where I made a particular connection with an attendee and made a new friend or connected with someone in there to collaborate on something.”

“I love ending my day with the ii, catching up on news and friends while blocking out the rage culture of the broader internet.”

“The Interintellect is a tavern at the crossroads: people from very different places with very different stories mingle and share ideas freely. People who would otherwise never meet discover they were exactly who they were looking for.”

“Twitter could be the platform for global discussions and debates. International conferences could serve as an opportunity for personal intellectual growth. Your senior work colleagues could be your mentors and tutors to assist you in figuring out the best moves for your future. Yet none of the above achieve their aims as meticulously as the Interintellect does! The ii became a truly unique network of curious intellectuals, who are not just looking for a new audience to share their thoughts with. They are looking for new inspiration, new ideas, and new connections to grow and enable others to grow. This makes all the discussions, debates, and mentorship a lot more stimulating and enjoyable than through all the other platforms combined!”

“I feel less intellectually lonely because of the Interintellect. It’s the place where I can explore my deep thoughts like what the moon smells like or obscure aspects of positive psychology.”

“Interintellect has grown into an incredibly warm, open and cognitively stimulating community where every topic can be discussed with respect and civility.”

“Intellectual life is better as a team sport — the joys of solo thinking and imagining are doubled by connection, surprise, serendipity and shared experience.”

“An absolutely hyper-colorful arrangement of thinkers, tinkerers, doers, builders, scientists and philosophers, all working together in both lockstep and counter-melody, in order to form a collective, where ideas, fears, thoughts, hopes and dreams can be shared, reflected upon, reupholstered, and displayed, with civility and empathy, and of course, intellect.”

“To me, it’s a bit of an intellectual haven, unique and lovely and positive-sum.”