Simon Ohler

About me:

I’m the founder of nowMedia, a house for introspective media production and coaching. On the internet you can find me @nowSimon. Before I started my New Game +, I was the Head of Partnerships for Twitch in Germany.

My philosophy focuses on grounded, actionable, old, universal knowledge. Somehow I got pretty old before I turned 30, and I feel like I have lifetimes of wisdom to share.

Here at the ii, I live out my love for speaking, listening, and sharing thoughts. My first series was called “Living Well and Thinking Big”. I want to live in balance.

Everything I need: Yes. Excess: No. Breathe in, breathe out. Hold tight, let go. That is The Good Life. That’s what I’m seeking and teaching. I care about family, books, playing, change, vision and clarity.

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