Elena Ferrante’s The Days of Abandonment


  Jaycel Adkins in his debut invites you to a new Interintellect reading salon, where we will together experience one of Elena Ferrante’s “tactile and sensual, visceral and dizzying”* first novels: “The Days of Abandonment” on May 30th.    “One April afternoon, right after lunch, my husband announced that he wanted to leave me. He did it while…


The Complete Fiction of Elena Ferrante – Troubling Love


Jaycel Adkins, “Interintellect’s favourite bookworm” introduces his series on the complete fiction of the Italian writer, Elena Ferrante.  Why read the complete fiction? In an age of online resources, selected readings, and excerpts, the idea of reading the complete works of any writer is becoming more and more rare. We read more ABOUT a writer…