The Adult Lives of Children of Narcissistic Parents


In this Interintellect Salon, Matjaž Leonardis will host a conversation on life trajectories of children of narcissistic parents and their common life and relationships problems.  The stories are different, but the patterns repeat. Whether it one failed relationship after another, one career change after another, patterns of behaviour that alienate others or difficulty with dealing with…

Hidden Emotional Needs: Exploring our Shadow and Secret Longings


In this Interintellect Salon, hosts Matjaz Leonardis and Maybe Gray will explore hidden emotional needs and how they affect our lives. Much of what we do is motivated by the kind of sensations and feelings we want to experience. Some of our desires - like that for a delicious slice of pizza - are clear…


“The Big Score” – With Its Author Michael S. Malone


Michael S. Malone, the author of The Big Score, a book recently republished by Stripe Press joins Matjaz Leonardis and Daniel Thomason for an exciting conversation about the past, present and future of Silicon Valley and the culture, values and personalities that have defined it. Michael S. Malone has covered tech and lived in Silicon Valley for…