Poetry Salon with Rilke: Somewhere to the East There Is a Church


Join hosts Isabela Granic and Thomas Arnold to sift our reactions, reads, and interpretations of these lines, including other art it brings to mind. In this poetry reading salon we will sit together with a very short poem from Rainer Maria Rilke (known by its first line “Manchmal steht einer auf beim Abendbrot”/”Sometimes a man gets up from supper,”…

The Magic of the Everyday: A Conversation with Sasha Sagan at MIT (OFFLINE)

MIT Campus

Sasha Sagan, daughter of the legendary duo Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan, has spent the past years lovingly exploring our meaning-hungry, secular-rite-observing society through her book For Small Creatures Such as We, and her new podcast, Strange Customs. A recurring idea in her work is how love as a central value in our lives can…


How to Make a Self: Tara Isabella Burton on Identity, Belonging, and the Sacred


In Self-Made, Tara Isabella Burton delves into "the theories and forces behind our never-ending need to curate ourselves." In this Supersalon we will talk with Tara about how to put current "self-fashioning" into perspective, both comparatively and as a distinctive moment. Are we all Kardashians now? Does a godless, or at least perversely sacred, world…