Intro to Words and Sounds, Pt. 2


How do literature and music interrelate, and how can they enliven each other? Join us for the Words and Sounds series led by Ulkar Aghayeva, Daniel Hass, Lily Rock, Jameel Martin, and Ryan Tuozzolo we will discuss intersections between the two and how they can inspire each other. We will continue discussing the convergence points…


From Nuts and Bolts to Novels: A Historical Exploration and Writing Workshop

Join Ulkar Aghayeva for a writing workshop led by Lily Rock, Jameel Martin, and Ryan Tuozzolo as part of the Words and Sounds series exploring connections between literature and music. “We are always searching for the unconditioned, but only ever finding things.” –Novalis We will discuss “artist habits” – a spectrum of work habits of…


The Magic of Cello: History, Technique, and Voice of an Enchanting Instrument

New York NY

Cello remains one of the most beloved instruments of professional musicians and music lovers alike. What makes it so? This salon is a conversation about the history and magic capabilities of cello, led by an outstanding cellist and multiinstrumentalist Daniel Hass and a cello student and composer Ulkar Aghayeva. The conversation will be accompanied and…