Fireside Chat: AI Note-Taking With Jijo Sunny (Buy Me a Coffee)


Explore the intersections of technology and creativity in our exclusive fireside chat with Jijo Sunny, founder of Buy Me a Coffee, and Interintellect founder Anna Gát.

Learn about Jijo’s journey from ideation to execution and how effective note-taking with AI can revolutionize your project development. This salon is perfect for those looking to be inspired by stories of innovation and seeking to apply these insights to their own creative endeavors.

We’ll delve into the psychology of note-taking, understanding how it not only captures ideas but also reinforces learning and enhances productivity. Discover how systematic notes can clarify thinking, facilitate planning, and turn abstract concepts into actionable steps, enabling you to lead projects with confidence and creativity.

Jijo Sunny’s Buy Me a Coffee serves over a million creators in funding their work online. His new AI note-taker, Voicenotes, is an intelligent note-taker that helps creators and thinkers in a new way.

Built initially as a distraction from a place of grief, Voicenotes is a testament to the way software and platforms come from a mix of meeting user needs, personal circumstances, and personal philosophy. Jijo built Voicenotes with his wife Aleesha following weeks of needing to record notes from meetings with medical professionals and going back through those notes to form questions. Voicenotes is built with a commitment to privacy, longevity, and beauty.

Join this fireside chat to explore Jijo’s professional journey, the growth of Buy Me a Coffee, the recent development of Voicenotes, and life as a builder, founder, and husband.

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