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Fear and Trembling: Why We Are Scared and How to Use This Feeling for Good

April 29, 2021 at 7:00 pm BST

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On April 29, Interintellect founder Anna Gát hosts an intimate discussion about our fears and how to use them to work for, instead of against, us in our lives
How many things do you do during one day because of fear? We close windows, blow out candles, look around before changing lanes, cross the street when we see two people shouting, not send that email, not open that text, not give feedback on our family member’s fashion choices. These days, we also disinfect more than before; we avoid closeness, touch, breath, being breathed in…

Apart from the great moments of shock in life, everyday fear seems indistinguishable from self-preservation and care for others. It’s an invisible framework shaping how the time of our life unfolds, what we allow each other, and what we expect from them and ourselves.

Fear is also something we crave – the uncertainty so integral to why a joke is funny, the guilty pleasures of a horror or action movie, the joy of driving a little too fast, or skiing, diving, cycling with abandon.

And fear is something that makes us get our act together: to study for an exam, to proceed with tact with our boss, to pester a parent to go and get that cough checked.

In this intimate Interintellect salon, we will talk about what fear is, the many forms in which we encounter it, and whether we can turn this stressor into something that works for us, instead of against us, in our lives.

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