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Host Training with Simon Ohler: The Perfect Screenshot, Storytelling, Personal = Universal, Many Smiles, Timekeeping & Expectations

June 27, 2022 at 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm CEST

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Hi everyone! My name is Simon Ohler. I’ve recently had hosting success with my concluded series on Living Well and Thinking Big and my ongoing series on Life and Work in the Rhythm of the Seasons.

Whether you are an established ii host, thinking about hosting for the first time and still looking for some pointers, or you just like my salons and are looking for a fun time (which I promise!), please join—I’d love to see you.

What is hosting success? For me, it is many smiles, happy listeners, revelatory speech and surprises, and reverberation beyond the timeframe of the salon. And then, of course, success is people coming back for more.


This is a training for Interintellect hosts. Please sign in to RSVP—or create your free host account today.


I would describe my hosting style as funny, classroom-style, egalitarian, deep, and technical when it comes to moderation and timekeeping.

What you can expect from this training session is a salon hosted in my style and structure, in which I will cover my style and structure.

Meta, I know.

It will look like this:

  1. Intro: Timing & Schedule, Expectation Management, The Perfect Screenshot, Early Leavers?. (10m)
  2. Opening: Standup & Storytelling to fill the room with culture and reference points. (10m)
  3. Introduction Round: Everyone briefly introduces themselves and their connection to the salon. (2-5m per attendee)
  4. Classroom (optional): I will often introduce the topic of the salon in more depth here. (20-30m)
  5. Conversation: Now the doors are open for free-flowing conversation among all participants. (60-120m)
  6. Ending & Café: The salon is formally closed. Leavers can leave, and stayers can stay, for some relaxed “behind the curtain” conversation, until it’s time to truly say goodbye for the evening.

After this salon, you will have experienced how I host a salon, you will have laughed and smiled (if not, money back!) and pondered, and you will have heard me explain what I’m doing, and how, and why as a kind of meta-commentary (this should be fun!).

You will not adopt and agree with everything I say, but hopefully, you will have had the chance to share some of your own experiences and questions, and you will have resonated with some of what has been said by me or others.

You will leave richer and nourished with new impulses for your own salons.

And if you long for more, you are welcome to join the July edition of Life and Work in the Rhythm of the Seasons on July 7, the week after this host training.

Looking forward to seeing you!

— Simon


June 27, 2022
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm CEST
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