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Let’s Get Meta: A Conversation About Conversations

February 21, 2021 at 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

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Fellow Interintellect Vidhika Bansal invites you to chat about the art and science of conversation — across mediums, cultures, and contexts

Conversations happen on so many different continuums: from eagerly anticipated ones to outright dreaded ones, synchronous to asynchronous, planned to impromptu, familiar to foreign, brief to lengthy, one-on-one to in groups, regular to sporadic, IRL to text-based. They span from the trivial exchanges we can barely recall ten seconds later to the transformational ones that can change the trajectories of our lives — and everything in between. The permutations, combinations, and possibilities feel endless.

But what are the different factors at play that can make or break a conversation? Why are no two conversations — no matter how similar — ever truly the same? What makes the ii the perfect home for “the most interesting conversations on the internet”?

Some of the questions we might explore:

  • What is a conversation, really? Does a conversation need words, or even two people? Do conversations with ourselves, our pets, inanimate objects count?
  • When does it make sense to engage in small vs. medium vs. big talk? When is silence golden and when is it just awkward? What’s the right mix of each?
  • What makes a conversation good? Unforgettable? Insufferable? How much of this is mechanics and how much of it is dynamics?
  • How do conversations differ across platforms and mediums? How have more recent trends like emojis transformed the realm of conversation as we know it?
  • How do they differ across contexts and cultures? What role do things like power dynamics, intimacy, language barriers, and neurodiversity play?
  • We “smile with our eyes” and “we talk with our hands” — what role do our bodies play in the conversations we have?

Can’t wait to join you in conversation soon and hear your perspectives and insights!

– ii Salon Host Vidhika Bansal

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