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Neurodiversity Salon Part 3: thriving not just surviving

March 14, 2021 at 10:00 am CET

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In the third Salon of this special series, hosts Scott Davies and Olena Bulygina continue their collective exploration of the topic of neurodiversity and the neurodivergent. In previous sessions, discussions have focused on several aspects of this topic, including defining these terms, challenges faced by the neurodiverse including employment, relationships and various aspects of identity.

78 years ago, Donal Triplett was the first person to be diagnosed with autism. His long, happy, well-travelled life seems to be ordinary in the best way. There are also other stories that got us to this place and time of other people who tried to secure this right to have ordinary lives for neurodiverse folks through campaigning, pushing expert and public opinions, nudging society to accept those who are different,.

In this topic, the discussion takes a forward look at what the neurodivergent may face in the future. It’s easy to frame neurodiversity as ‘competitive advantage’ or ‘next talent’ in the workforce, but how can we thrive and not just survive? In particular, we will explore the place of the neurodivergent in society and how neurodiversity can be more integrated and valued in society in the future. There will also be an opportunity to discuss other questions you may have relating to neurodiversity, including topics covered in previous salons — and particularly, path and relationship with spirituality.

As always, this Salon is open for all, whether or not you relate to being neurodivergent. This Salon is an opportunity in a safe, calm environment to explore topics which are often overlooked in contemporary discourse.

  • The place of the neurodivergent in society
  • How can a future where the neurodivergent are more valued and integrated be created?How does an ND-friendly world looks like? What’s different? What are the rules of this world?
  • Neurodiversity and the spiritual / internal metaphysical leanings
  • ‘Open Floor’ – what are some issues, questions, concerns, etc related to neurodiversity you want to talk about? Any burning questions? Here’s your opportunity to discuss!
  • Neurodivergent people and status/social games in society

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