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Process and Institutions of Becoming: Past, Present and Future

February 4, 2021 at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm CET

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How do you acquire an identity? Fellow Interintellect Arnaud Schenk explores the process of becoming and its changing with the internet

“The person you are didn’t use to exist, and yet now it does! How did this happen?

Attempts to answer this question often start and end with an explanation of nature and nurture, of emergence and osmosis, both beyond your control. And yet becoming who you are required conscious decisions. You had to evaluate options, compromises, and forking paths, before ultimately choosing a course of action. How much agency did you have along the way? How did you know what path to pick?

Join us as we explore these questions, and investigate the importance of media, your social network, and the institutions in your environment on the process of becoming.” – Salon Host Arnaud Schenk

Thanks to the generous offer of the Host, proceeds from this ii Salon will be donated to the ii Book Fund.


Good to read and watch pre-Salon:

Beyond the links above, the most useful thing to do pre-Salon is to think about the path which led you to where you are now.


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