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Yesterday’s News: Does the News Industry Have a Future? And Does Anyone Care? – With Christopher Schroeder

March 25, 2021 at 6:00 pm GMT

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Former washingtonpost.com CEO, investor Christopher Schroeder joins us for a discussion about the future of the news industry: it seems to be the consensus that decentralisation is inevitable, but exactly will it happen? And how can you not miss out?

Global tech/venture investor Christopher Schroeder is also the former CEO of washingtonpost.com. He has backed new attempts at news including Vox Media and Beacon – the once largest crowd-funding platform for in-depth news reporting. He will explore whether news has become mostly punditry and polemic, and whether platforms like Substack and Clubhouse may be the future anchors to thoughtful, civil, fact-based information and discourse. And he will ask whether we, ourselves, may be a problem…

Is there a problem in news today? Was news ever objective? Is reliable news a content problem or discovery problem? Is it a product and/or business model problem? How can we rethink what it means to be informed as readers/viewers/listeners and as creators? Are we wired to seek self-confirming information? Do we double down on our “truth” even when presented with contrary fact?


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Proceeds from this event will go toward the American Journalism Project which is funding innovation and local news around the country (and will expand globally).

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