DC Social: Female Fame – Tara Isabella Burton and Celeste Marcus on Authenticity, Artificiality, and the Paradox of Femininity

Washington DC

Join award-winning writer, Tara Isabella Burton, and Liberties managing editor, Celeste Marcus, for an offline social on authenticity, artificiality, and femininity! Please join Interintellect and Liberties Magazine for Female Fame, an offline salon (and…


Is Technology Magic? Rationalism, the Occult, and the Re-Enchantment of the World with John Ganz, Max Read, and Tara Isabella Burton


Join Tara I. Burton, John Ganz, and Max Read for a panel on the religious and spiritual implications behind contemporary Silicon Valley culture, from the “postrationalist” turn to the influence of 19th century spiritual movements like New Thought on contemporary politics. Join three authors and culture critics specializing in the intersection of historical inquiry and…