Bangalore Offline: Interintellect x Roots of Progress

Bengaluru Uru Brewpark, Maratt Estate, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Dollar Layout, Phase 4, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Calling all Bengaluru Interintellects! Join our host, Namita, for a meet-up with Jason Crawford from The Roots of Progress and friends from our community to discuss the philosophy of progress! We're…


Progress Studies: The Promise of the Future with Tony Morley

Join Tony Morley, a progress studies writer and communicator, for a discussion on progress, optimism, and the first children's book on progress authored by him! The meeting will be hosted by Chandhana Sathishkumar, an author, research enthusiast, TED-Ed speaker and self-taught artist passionate about sustainable futures. Tony Morley is a progress studies writer and communicator…


Science vs. Skepticism: Are Objectivity and Knowledge Possible?


Join philosophy student Arkadiusz Synowczyk to explore the topic of objectivity of scientific knowledge, skepticism, and relativism! This salon is the first episode in a series on the nature of science – its power, limits, and the potential dangers it poses. Debates about the possibility of objective knowledge are relevant not only to the ivory tower. Societies…

Insurance and Other Fearsome Beasts: Understanding the Myths and Methods of Health Insurance


Join Tina Marsh Dalton for this inaugural salon in our Roots of Progress Fellows series. Insurance is vital to accessing modern medical care, but why is it so complex?  In this salon, Tina will examine how we got here: why insurance first emerged, its (true) core purpose, and how it has evolved. We will travel across…