Finding Your Creative Pair: History, Psychology, Philosophy

Looking for your Creative Pair? Using history, psychological measures and metrics, as well as philosophical inquiry, we will explore the why and how to find the creative action potential for insight and innovation.

Hosted by licensed professional counselor Gina Hafez (@gina_hafez).

Moving past the lone genius archetype, in this series we will engage in playful conversations around why and how creative partnerships are the greatest action potential! We will look at examples in history (using the Powers of Two book by Joshua Wolf Shenk), explore psychological tests and measures for finding compatible synergistic partners and also engage in philosophical discussions around human thought as originating in pairs.

This series meets Saturdays at Noon EDT for three weeks: May 4th, May 11th, May 18th

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May 4, 2024Introduction to the History of Creative Pairs

Using Joshua Wolf Shenk’s book Powers of Two, we will discuss historical duos and features of their unique Spark.
May 11, 2024Measures and Metrics of Creative Pairs

We will explore at least 3 psychological measures that capture Synergistic Duos and give clues as to what forces are most dynamic and complementary.
May 18, 2024Philosophical Origins of Creative Pairs

There are many theories that touch on the human being as an innate duality. What is that all about and what can we make of this idea thread?

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