How to Flourish: An Exploration of Life’s Biggest Questions

Explore life’s biggest questions and what it means to flourish in today’s world in this nine-part series with host Ashley Zhang.

Today, we live in a troubling paradox. Despite inhabiting an era of great prosperity and abundance, people are suffering in new ways: depression and suicide rates are rising sharply among youth; “deaths of despair” claim hundreds of thousands of American lives every year; loneliness is widely reported as an epidemic. We lack answers to the most fundamental questions of how to live, and have lost sight of what composes a good life. In order to figure out how to navigate our complex world, it is critical that we understand what it means to flourish.

Join Ashley for a nine-part Interintellect series on human flourishing: what it is, how we can achieve it as individuals, and how we can create the conditions that foster it on a civilizational scale.

We will explore the under-explored questions that govern our lives:

  • What does it mean to be a good person?
  • How should we choose a vocation?
  • Where can we find love, meaning, friendship, and purpose?
  • What is a worthy life?

Through dialogue with each other, and with the wisdom of great thinkers of the past and the present, we will craft a shared framework for how to live.

Date and Time: Third Wednesday of every month at 6 PM Pacific Time

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1Jan. 18, 2023Physical Health

How do we attain and maintain strength and vitality?
2Feb. 15, 2023Mental Wellbeing

How do we manage our minds so that they work for, not against, us?
3Mar. 22, 2023Social Connection & Belonging

How do we find and care for people we love?
4Apr. 19, 2023Love & Intimacy

How do we face the mortifying ordeal of being known? 
5May. 17, 2023Work & Vocation

How do we find our calling?
6Aug. 23, 2023Religion & Spirituality

How do we transcend ourselves?
Sept. 20, 2023
Leisure & Learning

How do we find and enjoy time for ourselves?
8Oct. 25, 2023Flourishing in Times of Darkness

How can we live well and find meaning in difficult times?
9TBDToward a Vision of Human Flourishing

How do we craft a future that is conducive to individual and collective flourishing?

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