The Philosophy of Depolarization (Braver Angels x Interintellect)

Debates for the Head and the Heart
– Braver Angels x Interintellect salon series online and worldwide –

Join Braver Angels in partnership with Interintellect for a series of conversations on political depolarization, what it actually means, and whether, when, and how we might do it.

Braver Angels is a grassroots organization dedicated to countering political polarization — but what does that even mean? Is it simply to get everyone to agree to be a moderate, stamping out the twin menaces of populism and progressivism? Or is there some other goal we should be aiming for: a goal that involves more creative thinking, curiosity about others’ thought, and an open-hearted exchange of views? If we are going to reach for that intellectual ideal, what are we to make of the deep emotions that underlie people’s political convictions — and that inevitably shape their intellectual lives as well?

April 24, 2024The Soulcraft of Depolarization
In which we present a different model for depolarization that starts within us and doesn’t promise to change the world (but which we admit we still hope might do so).
June 12, 2024Offline Salon in NYC: Lessons from (Mostly) Secular Soulcrafters
How the Boy Scouts of America and Alcoholics Anonymous present models we might look at in Braver Angels to learn how to depolarize.
July, 2024Lessons from Extremists and Utopian Visionaries
And why we want them to join Braver Angels. We’ll explore where visionaries have helped and where they have gone up in flames, and how they bounce off the normies for good and for ill.
August, 2024Theology and Philosophy Salon