Brian Toh

About me:

Hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹

My name is Brian Toh, and I’m a dancing-filmmaker based in Singapore. I fell in love with the Interintellect around October of 2020, when I attended Clo and Laura’s salon where we talked about the truth behind the Soul, and I’ve been an active member of the Interintellect ever since. It is my greatest pleasure to be a part of this community and to make friends with people I would otherwise never had the chance to meet.

My Hosting Style is typically more experiential, to which every time you come to one of my salons, it’s a fresh take on the methods that we use to have conversations. I’ve hosted salons talking about dance and movement, bringing people through experiencing their bodies; role-playing salons such as “For The Lost Boys: A Journey to Neverland”; and a salon about Heartbreak, co-hosted with my friend Michelle Huang.

You can find me on my Twitter @btohtoh