Eyal Shay

About me:

I am… What am I? I’m curious and eclectic, so pinning me down to one category is hard. I have a B.A in linguistics and an Israeli tour-guide license. I read Plato’s dialogue in the original Greek. I am outdoors whenever I can to look for rare plants, animals, fungi, and rocks. I am a father fascinated by child development. And, above all (in my mind), I am a philosopher, a person looking to do well in life by understanding and applying concepts.

This led me to both conduct sessions of dialectic with other people who want to do well, and start my Deep Dive podcast, which offers nourishing food for thought to listeners. Joining the Interintellect community in early 2020 was a watershed moment in my life. It is my inspiration generator, the place where I get to meet other curious, intelligent, friendly, and articulate people.

I host salons on a variety of topics which may seem disparate, but the thread that runs through them is a wish to explore what it means to do well in life. My online presence is mainly on Twitter.