Harry Ramsay

About me:

Hi! Harry here. Originally from the UK but currently based in the Netherlands, I’m interested in the liminal space between the creative and the analytical, and nurturing both sides of the equation in order to develop a richer understanding of how the world works and yet still retain a sense of awe and wonder about it all.

My childhood teachers thought I’d be either a writer or a scientist, so it surprised most people when I gravitated towards music and became a professional guitarist. I began teaching at 17, gained a degree in contemporary performance, and toured Europe for some years, before ultimately deciding to leave the music industry to explore alternative career paths. I taught English and worked briefly in the travel industry before pursuing my current path of working in tech (currently focusing on data analysis, programming, and general tech literacy).

I’m almost pathologically curious, and am interested in a wide range of topics: language, programming, science, history, productivity, philosophy, economics, music, technology, psychology, longevity, literature… on it goes. The unifying threads tying this rather disparate list of passions together are my deep love of learning and my earnest admiration for humanity’s capacity for achievement.

I’ve hosted salons on flowmental models, the origin of talent, and the cultivation of aptitude, and hope to explore many more in the future. In the meantime, come and say hi on Twitter, or check out my site here!