Irene Jena Karthik

About me:

Hello! I am Irene. I am one of the hosts of the “Story of Philosophy” series. I’m interested in a wide range of topics ranging from poetry to psychology, nature, history, and many more. I am super curious about human and societal flourishing, poetry as a way of healing, and philosophy.

One of the best things that happened last year was stumbling across the Interintellect in Jun’20. After attending many brilliant and impactful salons, I ventured into hosting early this year. Since Feb’21, I have been co-hosting the philosophy series. I am an independent consultant, dabble in verses, and a sporadic blogger. I also host a podcast called “The Gentle Project” that revolves around the central themes of kindness, humanism, and B-corps. I live in London. I love a good chat and meeting new people. Connect with me on Twitter.

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