Thomas Arnold

About me:

Like most people, I have interests strewn across rough terrain (certainly rougher, wilder, and more interesting since meeting ii folks). Generally, though, I hang out at the intersection of religious studies, ethics, human-robot interaction, AI, and care. I work at the Tufts Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory on projects related to social competence, computational approaches to decision-making, robotic architectures, cultural contexts for robotic applications, and the importance of care in the shadow of AI ambitions.

My salons give me a chance to revisit my training in religious studies, philosophy, and classics while reshaping it and testing it with down-to-earth interlocutors. My ideal salons are small and intense, with silence, speech, and reflection reverberating back through the rest of attendees’ everyday lives. The real topics are to be discovered, the announced topics are just warmups. The poetry salons that Isabela Granic and I do keep revealing that — we sit with one poem and then you never know who and what shows up.