Jason Shen

About me:

Hi there! Are you ready to explore the power of resilience and strengthen your skills as an innovator who is sharing their best work with the world?

My name is Jason and I’m a resilience coach, Interintellect host, and 3x startup founder based in Brooklyn. I help people navigate disruptive change so they can bring new things into the world with greater clarity, vitality, and purpose. I’m passionate about exploring the power of resilience and share what I’ve learned through my work as a salon host on Interintellect.

My salons have explored topics like finding your true calling, developing your creative voice, telling a powerful story about your life, and being human in the age of generative AI.

I publish a weekly newsletter called Cultivating Resilience and do 1:1 executive coaching with founders and creative leaders.

I recently wrote a guide to layoffs based on my experiences at Etsy, Meta/Facebook, and life as a startup founder and operator: You Got Laid Off. Now What?

I hope you join me for salons that will open your horizons, trigger new ideas, and offer hands on experiences that will help you grow, deepen, and shift the way you work and live.