Ulkar Aghayeva

(c) Gulnara Khamatova

About me:

I’m a biologist and musician by training. In grad school, I did research in developmental neuroscience studying mechanisms of cellular plasticity in worms. My current interests include history, philosophy and sociology of science, art history, ethnomusicology and music cognition. 

I was trained as a pianist from an early age and continued my education after moving to New York by taking private lessons in piano and harpsichord. I started learning cello in fall 2021. Since late 2020, I’ve been writing music blending Western classical forms with my native Azerbaijani musical language. I wrote pieces for solo piano, duos for cello and piano & viola and piano, a string trio and currently working on more chamber music. My music can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/@ulkar_aghayeva/videos 

Together with my musician and writer friends, I hosted an ii salon series “Words and Sounds” in spring 2022, on the joys and challenges of writing music and literature. With my composition teacher, I’ve also hosted IRL ii salons on the art of composition and history and technique of cello. I’m looking forward to hosting more events with Interintellect, and would be delighted to collaborate with other hosts.