Nasos Papadopoulos

About Me:

I’m the founder of MetaLearn, a multidisciplinary content platform teaching the knowledge and skills needed to futureproof yourself and thrive in the 21st century. I also run Mediopolis, a media agency producing content for world class companies & thought leaders and write about timeless ideas and practical wisdom at Ideopolis.

Over the 6 years of my work at MetaLearn I’ve developed a practical, modern day humanities curriculum adapted to the needs of our chaotic world which includes meta skills like creativity, decision making & communication and macro fields like business, media & technology as well as practical insights on writing, podcasting & marketing. I enjoy talking in depth about all these topics but am also fascinated by the big questions in philosophy, science and religion. Other interests include the intersection between mythology and psychology, language learning, and the past, present and future of media.

Previous salons I’ve run include a 5 part series exploring mythology and meaning through Homer’s Odyssey and another on the intersection between art and business called “How to Do Great Creative Work without Selling Out.”

Some of my favourite episodes of The MetaLearn Podcast:

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