No Feeling is Final: Personal Narratives of Healing, March Edition

Interintellects Catherine Woodiwiss and Amir Hajizamani invite you to an intimate exploration of healing after trauma. How do we make sense of trauma? How does a major life disruption change the trajectories of our lives? How do the stories we tell ourselves — and others — change and re-solidify as we heal? Following on a…

Healing from the Punches: Comedy as Medicine with Hannah Gadsby


In this salon, Interintellect co-hosts Amir H. Hajizamani + Catherine Woodiwiss invite you to explore the relationships between comedy, trauma, and healing, with the help of groundbreaking show “Nanette,” by Hannah Gadsby. “Laughter is not our medicine. Stories hold our cure. Laughter is just the honey that sweetens the bitter medicine.” —Hannah Gadsby In 2017,…


Samhain and Hallow’s Eve: Stories of Shapeshifting and Encounter


Autumnal read-aloud salons return with Interintellect host Catherine Woodiwiss! For millennia, as nights grow longer and the air gets colder, humans have gathered together to shelter and tell each other stories. The earliest stories were rooted in the natural world — finding lessons and meaning in the autumnal turn that brings us from light to…


Interintellect – London IRL Salon with Patricia Hurducas and Catherine Woodiwiss

London London

Interintellect hosts Patricia Hurducas and Catherine Woodiwiss will host a casual community gathering in London. We will come together for dinner and engage in a discussion about books, friendship, life, communities, and philosophy. The location will be announced to the participants one week in advance. Please note that you must RSVP to this event to attend. …