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No Feeling is Final: Personal Narratives of Healing, March Edition

March 20, 2021 at 6:00 pm GMT

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Interintellects Catherine Woodiwiss and Amir Hajizamani invite you to an intimate exploration of healing after trauma.

How do we make sense of trauma? How does a major life disruption change the trajectories of our lives? How do the stories we tell ourselves — and others — change and re-solidify as we heal?

Following on a wonderful edition in February, this collaborative storytelling salon returns in time for the Spring equinox. Interintellect hosts Catherine and Amir will once again guide us through an exploration into our own stories of healing. This will be highly participatory: Each attendee will have a chance to share a personal story of healing, be listened to and deeply listen to others, ask interested questions, and share reflections.

Remembering is a key part of healing. This salon is a space to remember what brought us to this moment, what questions we still have, and what we’ve learned along the way. We will pose questions like, Is physical healing similar to mental/emotional or even spiritual healing? Is healing ever linear? Can we ever “good vibes” our way into health? What happens when we heal from one trauma but not others? Can we be healed and deeply not healed at the same time? What does “good” healing feel like?

Together we will learn and gain perspective from each other’s stories. We will also share models, techniques, and resources that have helped us in our own healing journeys.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This salon is not a replacement for professional counselling, nor a place to simply “skim” for resources. The salon will be fully confidential and moderated with care, to ensure all attendees feel supported and comfortable.

Bring art supplies or other favorite “deep listening” tools, and join us!


Proceeds from this salon’s ticket sales will be donated to The Dinner Party, a tiny but powerful group that organizes in-home dinner parties around talking about grief.


Reading list:


Resources shared by attendees at our February salon:

And some music:


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  • 11:00am San Francisco
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  • 6:00pm London
  • 8:00 pm Johannesburg
  • 11:00pm Delhi

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