Should We Have Children?


On April 7, Taylor Pullinger returns to lead a discussion on the meaning and merits of having children in light of all it entails.  How did you come to exist in this world? In all likelihood it’s because your parents had a child, and their parents had a child, and their parents had a child… you get…

Exploring The Revelations with Erik Hoel


In this Interintellect salon, Taylor Pullinger will host a conversation with Erik Hoel, inspired his recently published novel The Revelations.  " Somewhere, lost in that tower of Babel, that library of Borges, was the theory of consciousness. The one and only correct theory an infinitesimal needle in an infinite haystack. To see a glimpse… It would fit…


NYC Central Park Picnic Meet Up

Central Park Central Park, New York City, NY

Join Taylor Pullinger for an IRL meet-up in Central Park, New York City.  As these sticky summer days ooze by, it's time one more for the ii's New York contingent to gather for conversation and friendship. Bring some sun protection, a blanket to sit on, and a snack and something to drink if you'd like.…