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Berlin IRL: Building Community Through Hosting

Friday March 8 at 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm CET

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Join Lukas Rosenstock for a casual IRL meetup in Berlin to talk about how we can build diverse community through hosting events and bringing people together.

People want to connect with people—whether it’s to find a new job, business prospect, dating, or finding a sense of belonging and intellectual or emotional exchange with like-minded folks. Sometimes, when there’s a lack of community in your life, the best way to find it is to build it, and hosting events can be one way of doing it.

I’ve (co-)hosted Interintellect salons, EA group meetings, board game nights, and recently, my first “two-hour party.” I’ve also become increasingly intrigued by the idea that we need more diversity in our communities to understand other perspectives and avoid ending up in tight-knit social filter bubbles. Maybe we can all play a part in tearing down the walls that separate “us” from “them” just by bringing people together?

Hosting can be rewarding but also daunting and challenging as you must navigate mundane logistics, social structures, and tensions. Let’s talk about community and hosting from both the hosts’ and the attendees’ perspectives. What are the good things to imitate, and what are the pitfalls to avoid? This is a casual meetup where we’re both doing the thing (i.e., building community) while going “meta” and talking about it. Looking forward to meeting you again in Berlin!

Central location in Berlin TBD—will be shared with RSVP’d attendees. Check the Berlin channel in the Interintellect community forum as well!

Image Credit: Sebastian Coman, Unsplash

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Friday March 8
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm CET
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