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Down the Rabbit Hole: Into the Curiosity Verse (III)

April 17, 2021 at 12:00 pm BST

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Fellow InterIntellect Helena Ng invites you to set up a personal Play Calendar of the month & join forces with fellow attendees to create more playtime in our lives.

In the last Camp Curiosity salon, our fellow members huddled together in a collective reflection for all the thoughts, feelings, and re-negotiations we’ve had to experience since hitting the one year anniversary of lockdowns, uncertainties, and cancelled plans.

Within the anxiety and heartbreaks, we found optimism and growth ushering in with the soft kiss of Spring — It’s time we re-build ourselves from the ground up and play more mindfully with what was once familiar: be it relationships, curiosities or our personal identity.

This month, Camp Curiosity challenges you to set up a Play Calendar all for yourself! We’ll spend some workshop time together to work on a special calendar all for ourselves, and if we meet buddies along the way, even better! Come and find out who will share the same curiosity trails with you.

Join us for an evening full of playful communal nerding, where we’ll explore our pet theories and help others create more interdisciplinary connections. Together, we’ll apply our curiosities in rabbit holes where we never thought we’d traverse.

About the Series:

Falling down the rabbit hole may have a bad rep for a slow descent into madness and countless tabs left open in the early hours of the morning, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t go at it alone! We are here to keep each other’s journeys safe, light, and playful.

Introducing Camp Curiosity – a new digital “tribe” to help you find buddies with common interests, nurture your imaginative playground, and get your hands dirty in the communal digital garden patch.

Together, we will seek for the common thread in our individual trails, use the power of our collective imagination to connect the dots, and keep each other company by the fireside. We will strive to build a collaborative garden patch, and as the seasons go by, watch our collective efforts bear fruit.

Join host Helena as we develop an interconnected atlas of curiosities with a bunch of hungry, curious individuals. In this series of workshops, we will:

  • Develop a monthly curiosity whiteboard — we’ll share our curiosities, discuss, and make impromptu connections
  • Pair up with curiosity buddies after the salon to go further down the rabbit hole (workshop tools are provided when you sign up)
  • Co-working, co-learning, co-playing at your own pace
  • Aim to develop a digital garden ‘harvest festival’ at the end of the year to celebrate our serendipitous discoveries


Reading List:

Camp Curiosity Series FAQ
What will you carry in your play cart? – Tweet
Sneak peek of previous Camp Curiosity Tea Parties – Tweet
Using Roam as a multiplayer curiosity discovery tool – Tweet
Salon notes from Workshop Pilot — Twitter thread
Salon notes from Mapping the Trail — Twitter thread
Salon notes from Infinite Curiosity Atlas – Twitter thread
Salon notes from Curiosity Trails  — Digital Garden notes
How to Start Collaboration with Miro — we’ll be using this tool throughout the event, no signup required.
A Short History of Bi-Directional Links by Maggie Appleton, a Camp Curiosity attendee.

Time Zones:

8:00 am New York
1:00 pm London
2:00 pm Berlin
8:00 pm in Kuala Lumpur
10:00 pm in Sydney

Why not add the ii Calendar to your calendar?

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April 17, 2021
12:00 pm BST
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