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Soundscapes of Our Lives: from Internal Monologue to the Martian Wind

April 21, 2021 at 8:00 pm BST

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On April 21, Interintellect Victoria Egorenkova continues to explore the narrative of spaces at her salon dedicated to soundscapes.

Everything from our internal monologues to the Martian soundscape – where do we connect with the so called reality and get a sense of the places we are in?  We will be moving through time and space to discuss the sonic map of our realities.

How do we experience the nexus of space and sound and become aware of a soundscape?

We are bound to space and time by sounds or vibrations, regardless of whether we can hear them or feel them.

  • When does a psychoacoustic experience start to build our form of awareness? What power does it have?
  • Do we choose the soundtrack of our lives, or does the soundscape define our perception of reality?
  • How do we treat visual silence with loud soundscapes? Can pictures talk? Can we harmonize together with the frequency of the universe?

We will talk about the popularity of headphones and Walkmans that triggered a moral panic in the 80s, road trip playlists, the places of silence, biodiversity, and noise-cancelling devices.


Join our friendly circle of Interintellects to chat about these fascinating topics. Everyone will get a chance to contribute. And maybe walk away with a bit of a buzz.

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  • Dublin/London 8 p.m
  • Berlin/Paris 9 p.m
  • New York 1 p.m
  • Mumbai 10-30 p.m
  • San Francisco/Los Angeles 10 a.m


April 21, 2021
8:00 pm BST
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