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Amateur Art: Remix Your Way to a Good Time

April 23, 2021 at 2:00 pm EDT

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In this Interintellect Workshop Salon on April 23rd, Peter will lead a discussion on the lighter side of art appreciation through some of our favorite pieces, and about how we can honor them with our imaginative remixes.

Art is one resource that can lead us back to a more accurate assessment of what is valuable by working against habit and inviting us to recalibrate what we admire or love.” – Alain de Botton


Section 1: Discuss


Please come prepared with a piece or two of your favorite art (or links to view them). I’ll display these as we go through introductions and we can talk about each one. Impressionist or abstract, classical or rap, origami or architecture, the medium doesn’t matter. It’s all about the experience you want to share with everyone else.

  • Does it make you feel happy, sad, relaxed, or energized?
  • What stands out? What are the best qualities of the piece?
  • How would you change it? Could it be improved, simplified, or taken to an extreme?


Section 2: Creative Play


Remember doodling? Finger painting? Writing haikus and limericks? Creative expression is meant to be fun! If you can’t paint like Da Vinci then write a poem to the Mona Lisa. If you can’t build the Eiffel Tower, can you sketch it? Take the composition to a new medium, or try your hand at (an abridged version of) the original.

If you find yourself struggling for anything from a rhyme to a color palette just ask the group. That’s why we’re doing this together, to learn and draw feedback from each other.

Make sure to bring your art supplies with you. As it once was said, “we can share creative inspiration over zoom but unfortunately not paint”.


Section 3: Share (if you want to)


As a signoff, feel free to show off what you’ve done. How did you come to create this tribute? What does it tell you about the original work, and about yourself? Most importantly, did you have fun?


Reference List:

Art as Therapy: Alain de Botton on the 7 Psychological Functions of Art

This article is targeted at professionals but has good advice for hobbyists too.

Don’t have a work of art in mind? Find something new that speaks to you!


Time Zones:

It has been a LONG week, a long YEAR. Don’t take your work mood into the weekend with you. Whether this salon finds you on an extended lunch, at an early happy hour, winding down from a night on the town, or waking up early to kickstart your Saturday, all are welcome. We hope you can join us!


12:00 PM San Francisco

3:00 PM New York

8:00 PM London

11:00 PM Moscow

3:00 AM Singapore

5:00 AM Sydney


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April 23, 2021
2:00 pm EDT
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Peter Williams